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NXT Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza vs. Tony Nese in a non-title match

Ariya Daivari vs. Danny Burch

And much more!

Commentators Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome fans to a brand new episode of 205 Live! The first match of the night is announced.

Ariya Daivari vs. Danny Burch

Bell rings, Daivari puts Burch in a side headlock. Burch pushes Daivari into the ropes and breaks out of the headlock. Burch twists Daivari’s arm, which takes him down on the mat. Burch then goes for his own side headlock on Daivari. Daivari puts his head on the rope for a rope break. Burch catches Daivari in the air and counters, Daivari lands face-first into the mat. Burch with a knee right to Daivari’s face, Daivari fires back with a high knee, covers, Burch kicks out. Burch with a jawbreaker, Daivari counters with a reverse DDT, cover, Burch kicks out again. Daivari climbs to the second rope, flies off, Burch puts his knee up and it lands right in Daivari’s eyes. Daivari flies off the top rope, nobody home, Burch counters with a crossface. All of a sudden a man in a luchador mask appears on the apron. The referee is distracted. Daivari lands a low blow covers Burch and picks up the win.

Winner: Ariya Daivari

Post-Match: The man in the luchador mask reveals himself. It’s Brian Kendrick. He introduces himself to the crowd. He wants to reiterate that he is the one who founded the cruiserweight division and is the best thing to have happened in the division. After his speech, he goes for the Sliced Bread #2 on Burch.

Up next, a tag team match!

The Singh Brothers vs. Corey Storm & Anthony Wayne

Samir Singh and Wayne begin the match. Samir sends Wayne into the ropes. Samir tags in Sunil. Wayne fires a few shots before Sunil sends him down on the mat. Samir is tagged in. Wayne gets set up for the Bollywood Blast. Samir covers Wayne and picks up the win.

Winners: The Singh Brothers

And now, the main event!

Angel Garza vs. Tony Nese

After joking around with the crowd, Garza makes his way into the ring and asks for Nese to shake his hand. Nese doesn’t. Garza tries to control Nese, Nese reverses Garza into a waist lock. Both men test their strength with Nese pushing Garza’s shoulders on to the mat. Nese goes for a kick and gets caught up in the ropes. On the outside, Garza sends Nese into the steel stairs. Garza sends Nese back into the ring. Garza with a powerful VK kick right to Nese’s sternum. Garza covers, Nese kicks out. Garza with another knee to Nese’s midsection. Garza climbs to the top rope and Nese kicks him off of there. Nese puts Garza in a midsection submission. Nese breaks it up, Garza clubs Nese in the ribs. Nese counters cover Garza, Garza kicks out. Both men go back-and-forth with pins-neither man is able to claim a pin. Nese with a chop, Garza fires back with one of his own. Garza goes up to the top rope and flips Nese into an arm drag. Nese fires back with a superkick, cover, Garza kicks out. Nese puts Garza in a crab lock. Garza struggles to the bottom rope and grabs it. The hold is broken. Garza climbs out of the ring. Nese flies over the top rope and lands on Garza on the outside. Nese then goes for a springboard moonsault, Garza puts his knees up and counters it into the wing clipper, cover, Garza wins the match.

Winner: Angel Garza

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!