WWE Backstage Recap: CM Punk Joins The Panel, Becky Lynch Appears In-Studio

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of tonight's WWE Backstage on FS1, featuring CM Punk joining the panel. WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch is tonight's special guest.

- Tonight's panel: Renee Young, Christian, Paige, and CM Punk.

- Recap of this past week's SmackDown and RAW, featuring John Morrison, Bray Wyatt / Daniel Bryan, Lacey Evans / Bayley, Becky Lynch / Kairi Sane, Andrade beating Rey Mysterio, and more.

- Punk is asked about Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy winning the RAW Tag Titles. Punk says he feels like the tag titles are often props for stories. He's interested in the story though and gave it a thumbs up. Paige wants to see an actual tag team hold the titles.

- The panel then talks about Andrade retaining the US Title against Rey Mysterio. Christian says Andrade keeps hitting it out of the park when he's given opportunities.

- Moving to WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs. Asuka at the Royal Rumble. Paige says she feels like Becky is an underdog in this one. Punk thinks this match is everything for Becky, and compares it to Superman having his Lex Luthor, and Batman having his Joker.

- WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch is in-studio for tonight's show. Asked about moving to her "The Man" gimmick. Lynch says she just evolved into it with years of neglect, then she attacked Charlotte and it was "enough is enough." CM Punk brings up Lynch's bloody nose photo and calls it iconic, much like a bloodied Steve Austin passing out to Bret Hart's sharpshooter. Said it showed a change in the business. Punk asked her if she would change anything, Lynch said she always made the best out of what she was given and didn't want to sulk about how anything went. Paige brings up how they have known each other for a very long time. The topic of social media is brought up, Becky says she was able to tell more of the story since it was basically 24/7 on social media.

Lynch talks about cutting a promo back in SHIMMER about 14 years ago and Punk standing in the back and watching. She initially hoped it was a decent promo, but then said it was since she cut it. Topic then switches to her match against Asuka. Lynch says Asuka had this amazing run in NXT, but then she had the rug pulled out from under her after winning the Royal Rumble. Lynch says much like years ago when she nearly walked away from wrestling, there are times of doubt about if she thinks she can beat Asuka, but she plans on doing it this weekend.

- Mick Foley and Triple H look back to the 2000 Royal Rumble and their Street Fight. Triple H called it proving point for his career. Foley said he knew his career was winding down, but always geared up for a hardcore match. Triple H said he could tell it was special early on and the two were clicking. They talk about Triple H wrestling with a leg injury that bled heavily after Triple H got suplexed on a palette of wood. Triple H said there was a lot of pressure to step up to Foley's level in that kind of match. Both were proud of their work and talked about matches that fans still bring up. Christian says Foley put the match and crowd in front of himself, always looking to entertain, even when he put his body on the line.

- Punk was asked which match he was most proud of and he picked his 2013 match against John Cena in 2013. Winner got to face The Rock at WrestleMania. Punk noted he was sick as a dog, and found it tough to care about at first. He said John was "one of the best dance partners I had," the crowd picked him up, and Cena let him do a piledriver, so it changed his mindset. Paige picked AJ Lee at SummerSlam in 2014. Lynch went with her 2019 Hell in a Cell Match against Sasha Banks, also Last Woman Standing against Charlotte at WWE Evolution.

- Men's Royal Rumble picks are up next: Punk (Keith Lee), Paige (Otis), Christian (Brock Lesnar), Renee (Drew McIntyre). Women's Picks: Paige (Kairi Sane), CM Punk (Sasha Banks), Christian (Shayna Baszler).

- Renee Young gives a tribute to Rocky Johnson who passed away at the age of 75. Clip of The Rock is shown thanking the fans and talking about his dad.

- Becky is back, Renee mentions how Punk said the women's division is the best thing going in WWE. Lynch agreed, says the women are looking to be the top spot of the company, not just the top woman in the division. She says a lot of history has been made, and want it to be normalized between the men and women. Punk is glad there's more representation in the WWE today and that women are no longer just eye candy. Becky is asked about the state of the women's division. Lynch says the women don't always have the luxury of having new match-ups, but the challenge is to tell a new story with people they have wrestled before and stand out.

- Poll for "Who looked better" after getting the green mist from Asuka. Becky beat Paige with 52 percent of the vote.