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Show opens with General Manager Johnny Saint and Sid Scala announcing the addition of two matches to NXT Takeover Blackpool II. Eddie Denis will face off against Trent Sevent, while former champion Tyler Bate tangles with the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin.

Intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Hull, England. They hype the evening’s main event, which will see Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe go one-on-one with Ilja Dragunov in a no-disqualification matchup.

Dave Mastiff is out first for the opening contest. He’ll be facing…Kona Reeves. Reeves brings a microphone with him and tells the fans in Hull to shut their mouths. “You disgusting disrespectful NXT UK fans through me off in my match against Trent Seven a few weeks ago. I was jet-lagged, I didn’t get the right nutrition, and I didn’t get enough sleep, therefore I wasn’t ready.” Heavy boos. Reeves goes on to call Mastiff a monstrosity, and doesn’t belong in the same ring as him. He insults Mastiff’s family.

Dave Mastiff versus Kona Reeves

Mastiff nails Reeves with a huge right hand. Big shoulder block sends Reeves to the outside. Mastiff follows him out…Reeves smashes Mastiff off the apron, then goes for a cross-body off the apron. Mastiff catches him but Reeves slips behind him and pushes him into the steel steps. Reeves catches Mastiff with a running knee as he’s coming back into the ring. He traps Mastiff’s head in the apron cover and unloads big strikes. DDT for a nearfall. Mastiff gets to his feet…running boot from Reeves sends him down again. Mastiff hulks up…he sends Reeves flying with a back body drop, then follows up with a release German suplex. Reeves falls into the corner…flying cannonball…Mastiff gets the win.

Dave Mastiff wins by pinfall

Commercial for Royal Rumble.

Back to the arena…Toni Storm is here. Huge pop from the crowd. She addresses the NXT unvierse. “After I lost the women’s championship…I had to go away for a while. Kay Lee Ray…she really got in my head and it sent me to a really dark place. Because of that…I owe someone an apology. Someone I really do consider a good friend. Someone I’ve known for a long time. Right now I’d like to talk to Piper Niven.” Niven meets Storm in the ring. Storm begins. “I owe you an apology. I was stupid enough to let Kay Lee Ray drive a wedge between us. I’m so sorry, but before we move past this I need a favor. My personal feelings with Ray are not over…so at Takeover Blackpool…I’m going to need you to step aside.” Storm promises Niven that she will give her a title shot as soon as she becomes champion again.

Niven responds: “Toni you know I love you. You know I love you. You also know how hard I’ve had to work just to even be here. I can’t let an opportunity let this slip through my fingers. You’ve had your chance here, I need to take mine. I’m sorry, but the answer is no.” Storm goes to pull Niven…Niven headbutts her. This leads to a brawl. Several referees run out to separate them…they are successful. The champ, Kay Lee Ray, appears laughing on the entrance path. Officials are able to gain control of the situation. Segment ends.

A special thanks to Scarlxrd for providing the theme song for Takeover Blackpool II. A look at the match car for the event is shown.

Ligero is out next for our second bout of the day. He’ll be facing the now dubbed “Wrestling Genius,” Kassius Ohno.

Ligero versus Kassius Ohno

Ohno grabs a double-wristlock to start. Ligero breaks away and rocks Ohno with a forearm. Ohno screams at the referee that he’s trying to wrestle not fight. Ligero makes Ohno pay with more strikes. Pace picks up…dropkick to the knee. Ohno goes for a standing senton but misses. Headscissor sends Ohno to ringside. He takes a second to recover, as his new technique doesn’t seem to be working. Ohno hits a jawbreaker on Ligero as he’s coming back into the ring. A neck crank submission…Ohno transitions into a cravat. Ohno refuses to throw a strike. Ligero battles out of the hold with an enziguri. He dumps Ohno and follows up with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring Ligero climbs…missile dropkick connects. Quick series of pin attempts…Ligero with a stunner out of nowhere, followed by a sunset bomb for a two count. Ohno retakes control and applies the Kassius Clutch…Ligero fights to get to the ropes…he can’t make it and taps.

Kassius Ohno wins by submission

Post match Ohno cuts a promo. He says his match with Tyler Bate had an unfavorable outcome because he lost sight of what he wanted to do in NXT UK. That’s to “become the living embodiment of British Wrestling.” He says that there isn’t a soul backstage that knows a thing about British Style. “I am Kassius Ohno, and I am the greatest British Wrestler alive.”

Cut to A-Kid from earlier this week. He’s talking about Tyler Bate and Jordan Devlin when Joseph Conners interrupts to say that he’s worthy to be on a Takeover. He and Kid get into a brief confrontation. Conners wards Kid that he isn’t afraid to ruin things for him in the future.

Backstage Dave Mastiff approaches Kassius Ohno to question his “Best British Wrestler alive” moniker. Mastiff challenges him to a matchup whenever Ohno feels ready.

Tag team action is next. Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith take on the Outliers (Dorian Mak and Riddick Moss)

Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter versus The Outliers

Carter and Moss begin. Tie-up. Moss shows off his strength and athleticism with a huge shoulder block. Carter kicks Ross in the face, then rocks him with a heel kick. Moss responds by back elbowing Carter and tagging in Mak. Mak tosses Carter to the corner and tells him to tag in Smith. Carter obliges. Smith charges at Mak…Mak lifts him with ease and brings him to the corner. Shoulder thrusts to Smith’s gut by Mak. He sends Smith across the ring. Smith tags in Carter…tandem offense, including a double-dropkick. Moss runs in but Smith and Carter dump him as well. The Outliers try to regroup on the outside. Mak hits a huge lariat onto Carter. Ross tags in and lays into Carter with strikes. Carter gets trapped in the Outliers corner…pop-up lariat. Outliers double-team for two count.

Carter eventually tags in Smith. He strings together offense, including a running boot and diving Yakuza kick. Moss slows Smith down with another shoulder thrust but walks right into a cradle. Mak doesn’t make it in time…The Outliers lose yet again in upsetting fashion.

Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter win by pinfall

A special look at the NXT UK tag team championship ladder match taking place at Takeover Blackpool II. Teams competing are Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, Grizzled Young Veterans, Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, and the current champs, Gallus. Footage of ladder matches that have taken place throughout WWE history to hype up the danger of the stipulation.

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Main event time. Ilja Dragunov is out first. Alexander Wolfe is out second. No other members of Imperium accompany him. Dragunov meets Wolfe at the entrance and they start brawling. Here we go.

Ilja Dragunov versus Alexander Wolfe NO-DQ

Dragunov rocks Wolfe with a huge chop. He goes for a bulldog but Wolfe slams Dragunov back first off the apron. Fight moves to the ring…Dragunov hits a lariat and jumping senton. Wolfe gets dumped back to the outside. He fakes a suicide dive, then catches Wolfe with a thrust knee. Dragunov to the top…axe-handle takes Wolfe down at ringside. Dragunov is pumped out. Fans chanting “Ilja! Ilja!” He reaches under the ring and reveals a kendo-stick. Wolfe quickly snatches it from his hands. Dragunov invites him to hit him…Wolfe winds up…then drops the stick. Dragunov goes to pick it up…Wolfe suckered him in with a kick to the face. He now unloads kendo stick shots that echo throughout the arena. Wolfe uses the stick to choke Dragunov. Snapmare from Dragunov but Wolfe hits an enziguri…Dragunov shakes it off and nails Wolfe with stick shots. Fight moves to the outside again. Dragunov swings for the fences and connects. Wolfe is down. He pulls out a table. Dragunov picks up Wolfe and whips him into the steps.

Dragunov sets up the table inside of the ring. He goes for a suplex…Wolfe blocks it. He switches position and goes for a suplex of his own…Dragunov switches behind…they both battle out of the corner. Pump kick by Dragunov sends Wolfe to ringside yet again. He jumps tot he top but Wolfe throws a chair at Dragunov! He picks him up in a firemans carry position…DVD on the apron! After taking some time to recover…Wolfe slides Dragunov back inside and sets up for a DDT on the chair…Dragunov escapes and hits another kick. Huge knee strike…Dragunov throws the chair at Wolfe’s head. Wolfe falls to the corner…Dragunov places the chair and climbs the opposing corner…coast to coast connects. Cover…Wolfe kicks out. Dragunov angrily throws in several more chairs and piles them up. Superplex attempt by Draguov…Wolfe slips out and goes for a powerbomb…Dragunov blocks it…Wolfe pulls out his leg and he strikes the turnbuckle…German suplex onto the chairs. DDT by Wolfe onto the chairs! Dragunov kicks out at two!

Wolfe uses the chair and guillotines Dragunov. Wolfe smashes Dragunov’s hands in the chair. He screams in agony. Wolfe taunts him…Dragunov fires off a huge lariat. He picks Wolfe up…running DVD through the table! Fans are going nuts. Dragunov calls for it…torpedo headbutt. It’s over.

Ilja Dragunov wins by pinfall

As highlights are being played…Barthel and Aichner come out and beat Dragunov down. European bomb. The NXT UK champion WALTER watches from the top of the entrance path. Joe Coffey comes out of nowhere and hits a discus lariat on WALTER. The champ is down. Imperium chases Coffey off.

That’s the show friends.