NXT UK star Jazzy Gabert announced on Twitter that she is now a free agent.

Jazzy Gabert signed with NXT UK last year. She made her NXT UK debut on May 15, where she attacked Killer Kelly and Xia Brookside. Gabert also competed at the inaugural Mae Young Classic in 2017.

Before making her free agent announcement, she did hint on Instagram that she will be changing her look and her profession.

Gabert wrote, “I will press the RESET button!! I will be OFFLINE for a short while! Need a change! Will change! Body, mind, and soul needs a break!! 10 days of fasting, including keeping off from social media, is the first step. Second one, which I look most forward too is changing my look! And I change my profession… one came to an end and one is rising like a Phoenix. Watch out for it! Thank you for being on this journey.”

Below you can see Gabert’s tweet and Instagram post: