WWE Talents Reportedly Spread Incorrect AEW Story

In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that he and Japanese wrestling historian Fumi Saito were interviewed for an international pro wrestling documentary while Meltzer was in Tokyo, Japan for New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 14 events.


The crew doing interviews for the documentary also interviewed people from WWE, and were reportedly passed claims against AEW by people in WWE. Before the interviews, the director of the documentary asked Meltzer on Twitter if there was any truth to AEW President & CEO Tony Khan buying all the tickets to the AEW events that were sold out on the first day, as a way to make the new AEW product appear to be a hot one.

The story on Khan reportedly came from people in WWE, who explained to the documentary crew that the fast ticket sales and early sellouts were AEW buying up all the tickets.

The Observer notes that this is actually a story propagated from within the group of WWE talents, or told to WWE talents from within the company. The story is not true, according to the Observer.


The first several AEW Dynamite shows in October sold out quickly. Since then, the shows have mostly been selling well, although this past Wednesday's show only drew 3,100, the lowest to date for the promotion.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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