Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WWE's The Bump. This show airs every Wednesday at 10 AM EST on the WWE Network, as well as on WWE's official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. Join Kayla Braxton as well as several other panelists who discuss everything and anything that is going on both in and out of the WWE ring.

Rapid Rundown

The panel starts by discussing Seth Rollins' new gimmick as the "Monday Night Messiah" and having Buddy Murphy join his group. Evan T. Mack says he is loving this new gimmick of Rollins.

Next, Mack says that it was so hard for him to watch The Undisputed Era come in and attack Imperium during NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II.

Braxton Interviews Lacey Evans

Braxton flew down to see Evans last week to let her know that she will be on this week's episode of The Bump. Evans already knew that she was going to be a guest on the show. After the announcement, Evans makes Braxton fish with her, and dress "like a lady" during her visit.

Lacey Evans and Summer Estrella (her daughter) Joins In-Studio

Braxton begins by saying during her visit, she didn't realized how much work Evans does from dawn till dusk, including feeding her farm animals and taking care of her home.

After, Evans speaks out about her upbringing and how hard it was. Both her parents were addicts, and instead of being part of that life, she joined the Marines.

Dan Vollmayer asks about her time as a Marine police officer and how she decided to take on that role. She said that when she was in the Marines, she wanted to expand her career and wanted more discipline in her life. So, she decided to join the SWAT team in the Marines.

Evans says that she never wanted to be famous. She just wanted to motivate and inspire others who were going through what she went through. That is why she signed with the WWE, because she believed they would give her that platform to help others.

Evans jokingly admits that she is a very frugal person. She saves every penny so she can give her family a better life.

Having depression, Evans is working on a Motivational Mystery Puzzle project, where it helps stimulate people who suffer from mental health difficulties.

Braxton shows Lacey a clip of what her husband said to Braxton during her visit. Lacey says she's been with him since she was 15-years-old. She adds that he is the one that guided her during her personal struggles.

Braxton asks Summer what she would like to be when she grows up. Summer giggles and says she wants to be like her mom, a wrestler.

After, the panel shows a clip of when Evans found out that she was going to be called up to the main roster from NXT. She starts to cry and says that when she received the news, it caught her sideways.

Mack asks about her match against Natalya during Crown Jewel last October. She was very blessed that they both could be the first to open the doors for women's wrestling on a global platform.

Mack asks who would be on her Mt. Rushmore. Her answer is: Natalya, Sara Amato, Alundra Blayze, and herself. She says the reason she would put herself up there is because she puts high standards on herself and has always reached her goals, regardless of what obstacles she was facing during those times.

Their interview concludes.

Top Rope Topics

Matt Camp believes that Becky Lynch cut a great promo against Asuka after being blinded by the green mist. He isn't sure that Lynch is in the right mindset to take on Asuka at the Royal Rumble.

Ryan Pappolla was impressed with Kevin Owens' move set on Monday Night RAW this week. He believes that could be his new favorite moment of the year.

Mack is in a pickle about his two loves, Imperium and the Undisputed Era. He says that he is going to root for the Undisputed Era because of Adam Cole.

Stephanie McMahon Joins In

McMahon is in the U.K. right now. She says that they have just moved their programming partnership to BT Sport, and she's excited that fans overseas will be able to see more of WWE's weekly programming.

She has been spending most of her time working with multiple organizations.

McMahon was in awe when the fans in Saudi Arabia were chanting "This is hope" during Natalya and Evans' match at Crown Jewel. She wants the women's division to keep breaking barriers, globally.

McMahon thanks every female wrestler from the indies to the WWE for all their hard work and for setting the bar so high in this industry. She says that she personally thanked Lynch, Charolette, and Ronda Rousey before their match at WrestleMania 35 for inspiring girls like her daughters.

Breaking News w/ McKenzie Mitchell

It has been made official, Johnny Gargano will face Finn Balor at NXT TakeOver: Portland in February.

At Worlds Collide, Angel Garza will put the NXT Cruiserweight Championship on the line against either Isaiah "Scott" Swerve, Lio Rush, or Tyler Breeze. These three men will have a triple threat match tonight on NXT.

Braxton announces that Kofi Kingston will join the panel next week!

The Grizzled Young Veterans Join In

Zack Gibson & James Drake are ready for their match on NXT tonight (during the Dusty Rhodes' Tag Team Classic Tournament). Even though they're still trying to recover from their NXT UK TakeOver match this past Sunday, they know that they will take the win over Kushida and Alex Shelley.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!