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Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt (w/ Luchasaurus) vs. Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler

Hikaru Shida vs. Mel (w/Awesome Kong and Luther)

Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy) vs. Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) and Mystery Partner

Kenny Omega and Riho vs. Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford

Also, Taz joins on commentary!

Tony Schiavone welcomes fans to another edition of AEW Dark! The first match is announced.

Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt (w/ Luchasaurus) vs. Sonny Kiss and Brandon Cutler

Cutler and Stunt start the match. Stunt tries to go for a side headlock, and Cutler grabs him midair. Stunt climbs to the middle rope and gets caught midair again by Cutler. Stunt counters and rolls Cutler up for a pin, Cutler kicks out at 1. Stunt tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy with a half-Nelson, its reversed. Jungle Boy with a springboard, followed by a dropkick. Cutler tags in Kiss. Kiss with a rana, followed by a triple back handspring. As Kiss begins to twerk, Stunt sneaks up from behind and shows off his dances moves with The Floss. Kiss sends Stunt out of the ring. Stunt and Jungle Boy work together before Stunt makes the cover on Cutler. Cutler kicks out at 2. Stunt jumps on the back of Cutler. Cutler uses his strength and moves Stunt around for a power slam. Cutler tags in Kiss. Kiss with an axe kick on Stunt. Kiss tags in Cutler. Stunt tags in Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy with a shot kick to Cutler's midsection. Stunt is tagged in. He lands a rolling stunner and covers Cutler. Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express

A vignette of Brandi's therapy session number 2 is shown.

Up next, the second match of the night!

Hikaru Shida vs. Mel (w/Awesome Kong and Luther)

Mel goes right in on the attack by sending Shida across the ring. Shida fights back with a running knee. As Shida runs towards the ropes, Kong from the outside takes a swing at Shida's back with a kendo stick. Shida keeps fighting back as she climbs to her feet. Mel sends Shida to the corner and then locks Shida up. Mel breaks the hold and takes a swing at Shida. Mel slams the back of Shida's head down on the canvas. Shida sends Mel to the outside. Shida grabs a chair from underneath the ring. Shida launches herself off the chair she set up and kicks Luther. Both women are back in the ring. Mel lifts Shida up halfway before Shida takes control with a step-up enziguri, followed by a vertical suplex. Shida flies off the top rope with a missile drop. Shida covers Mel, Mel kicks out. Mel plants Shida on the canvas. The fans are not pleased. Mel with a leg drop, cover, Shida kicks out. Shida pounds Mel right in the jaw, after attempting two roll-up pins. Shida with a hip throw tries hoisting up Mel, Mel escapes. Kong sweeps Shida's leg. Kong accidentally hits Mel in the head with the kendo stick. Shida ends the match with a running knee strike, cover, Shida wins.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Post-Match: Kong is mad that Mel lost. Mel shoves Kong. Luther holds on to Kong, while Mel strikes her. She then whips Kong through the barricade. The attack continues with Mel landing a leg drop on Kong after Luther sets her up on the steel stairs.

Next, the third match of the evening. It's a mixed tag team match (the first one that AEW has done)!

Kenny Omega and Riho vs. Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford

Ford climbs into the ring and slaps Omega in the face. They both lockup. Omega twists Ford's arm, Ford reverses with an arm drag. Omega locks Ford up again and takes her down on the mat. Ford gets out of it and tags in Sabian. Sabian yells out that he wants Riho. Omega goes over and tags her in. Riho reverses out of an attempted arm lock from Sabian. Sabian throws down a few back hits, followed by a clothesline. Riho gets up and sends him down twice with arm drags. Sabian gets up and counters Riho's attempted lift by sending her down with a suplex. The fans are chanting at Sabian that "He sucks." Riho tags in Sabian. Omega chops Sabian, twice. Omega with a running powerslam on Sabian, cover, Sabian kicks out. Riho is tagged in. She locks up Sabian's leg. The fans loudly chant "Tap, tap, tap." Sabian crawls over to the rope.

Omega and Riho work together. Riho sends Sabian down with a running bulldog. Omega and Riho push Sabian in the corner and lock in double foot chokes. Riho is now the legal competitor. Ford sends Riho into the corner and strikes her a few times, before tagging in Sabian. Omega comes in and stomps Sabian and kicks him in the back several times. Ford drags Riho over to her side. Ford and Riho exchange back-and-forth forearms. Sabian is tagged in. Riho with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors sends Sabian flying. Riho tags in Omega. Omega lifts Sabian up for "You Can't Escape." Omega with the cover, Sabian kicks out. Omega tags in Riho. Riho with a hurricanrana, tags in Omega afterward. Ford with a high kick to Omega's jaw. Sabian tags himself in. Quick tag exchanged between Ford and Sabian. Sabian is now back in. Riho comes in and chops Ford. Riho rolls off and tags in Omega. Omega locks in a snap dragon suplex on Sabian. Ford comes in from behind and hits Omega right in the groin. Riho returns the favor to Sabian. Omega has Ford locked up. Omega with a kick to Sabian's face sets him up for the One Winged Angel, delivers it, and gets the win!

Winners: Kenny Omega and Riho

After a few advertisements, the main event begins!

Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy) vs. Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) and Mystery Partner

Spears and Blanchard reveal that Colin Delaney is Spears' partner! Now, the match starts. Trent and Spears go back and forth locking up one another. Spears fires a chop, Trent fires one back. Trent comes down with double knees on Spears. Spears steps out of the ring and yells at the referee that what Trent did was illegal because it was a T-bag. The referee ignores Spears. Trent tags in Chuck Taylor and Spears tags in Delaney. Taylor with a single leg crab doesn't work out too well. Delaney floats up and over and tags in Spears. Taylor and Trent take it to the skies and land on Spears and Delaney on the outside. As the Best Friends are about to hug, Delaney and Spears run into the ring and tackle them both.

Delaney and Trent are the legal men. Delaney sends Taylor to the other side of the ring. Spears is tagged in, lands a neckbreaker on Trent, cover, Trent kicks out. Spears yells at the referee that the count should have been three, the audience shouts "10,10,10." Spears tells the crowd to shut up. Taylor is in. Spears flattens Taylor. Both men tag in their partners. Trent with six thunderous chops on Delaney. Trent keeps the momentum going with a clothesline. Spears comes back in with a swinging DDT. Trent flies over the top rope and takes out Delaney on the outside. Trent and Delaney are back in the ring. Delaney launches a DDT, cover, Trent kicks out at 2. Delaney and Spears goes for a double vertical suplex, Trent reverses out of it and tags in Taylor. Taylor with a belly-to-belly suplex, followed by Soul Food half-and-half. Trent heads up to the top, Spears sweeps his legs. Spears gets in the face of Cassidy. Delaney comes in with a stunner, Spears follows after with the C4 on Trent, cover, Taylor runs in and breaks the count. Cassidy makes his way into the ring, so does Blanchard. Cassidy and Blanchard stand across from one another. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets, and Blanchard holds up four fingers representing the Four Horsemen. They start kicking each other. Best Friends end the match with a Strong Zero on Delaney. Best Friends win the match!

Winners: Best Friends

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!