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- Commentary announced Yuka Sakazaki vs. Big Swole vs. Hiakru Shida vs. Shanna.

PAC vs. Kenny Omega with The Young Bucks (30-Minute Ironman Match)

The two lock up, PAC backed into the ropes and Omega gives a clean break. Both trade some counters, shove each other, then trade shots in the middle of the ring. Omega with the basement dropkick, but eats a superkick. Omega looking for one winged angel, but Omega backs him into the corner. Commentary noting Matt and Nick Jackson backing up Omega, but Page is nowhere in sight. PAC sent out to the floor, Omega with a big flip over the top and down on his opponent.

Back in the ring, kotaro crusher by Omega, followed up by a couple chops. Five minutes down. Omega with a rolling fireman's carry, misses the second rope moonsault though. He recovers, PAC launched into the corner, snap dragon suplex. PAC rolls out to the floor, Omega follows and they swing away on the floor. PAC on the apron, moonsault, caught in mid-air, but PAC then hits a tornado DDT.

The two work their way into the ring and to the second rope. Omega fights PAC off, headbutting him to the mat. PAC runs back up and hits a brainbuster from the top rope! PAC back up top, lands a shotgun dropkick, cover, two. PAC with a side headlock, Omega is up and fights back with a couple punches. Each wrestler avoids a strike, PAC with a slingshot cutter, pin attempt for two.

10 minutes down, still 0-0. Crowd with "You're a bastard!" chant as he continues to beat up Kenny. Omega finally lands some offense with a big boot, sending PAC flying into the corner. Back and forth strikes. Tiger Driver '98 on PAC, cover, two. Crowd really into this match, many have been standing for the past couple minutes. Omega tries for One Winged Angel, no, but Omega repositions PAC, hits a suplex with the bridge, close three. PAC put in the corner, looks for v-trigger to the back of the head, one winged angel, Omega goes to the second rope, PAC reverses with a sunset flip powerbomb!

PAC then gets dropped face first on the top turnbuckle, snap dragon suplex, v-trigger, cover, two! Crowd thought that was going to be a pin. PAC goes out to the floor and gets a chair. He then smacks Omega in the head and the referee calls for the bell.

Omega is up 1-0.

PAC smacks Omega in the back of the head again. Young Bucks check on Omega, try to give him some water. Time pauses after the first fall, but then starts up. PAC with a big dropkick, climbs to the top and hits black arrows, cover, 1-2-3.

Tied 1-1.

Just over 13 minutes left. We go to a split-screen commercial break as PAC continues to beat up Omega. He looks for another black arrow, but Omega rolls out of the ring. PAC keeps beating him up and taunts the Young Bucks a bit. They eventually get back in the ring and trade strikes. Back from break, both are on the apron and PAC hits a nasty falcon arrow down to the floor! Crowd chants "holy s---" and it gets muted.

Ten minutes to go. Omega goes to climb in and PAC with a dropkick that sends Omega into the referee and ringside physician, referee down. Commentary noting PAC's DQ earlier in the match was the first to ever happen in AEW. PAC sets up a table on the outside and brings Omega over. Referee still down. PAC heads to the top rope as we get to the seven minute mark. PAC takes a moment to get his balance, hits a shooting star press through the table. Crowd pops big for that one.

Referee is back in the ring and does a ten-count. PAC gets in the ring at nine, Omega just barely got in before ten. PAC goes for black arrow, but Omega gets his knees up. Just under five minutes. V-trigger to PAC's face, lands another one, plants PAC, cover, two. Four minutes. Another v-trigger lands, one winged angel gets reversed into a poisonrana. Three minutes. PAC lands another tornado DDT, locks in the brutalizer, Omega gets to the ropes. Two minutes left.

PAC goes for another brutalizer, but Omega fights it off. One minute left. PAC gets a modified version of it in, Omega rolls him over for a two-count, but PAC keeps it locked in. Thirty seconds remaining. PAC keeps it locked in, Omega trying to hang on and time expires at a 1-1 tie. PAC gets in the referee's face and drops him. Justin Roberts says match will continue under sudden death rules. Omega with a ripcord v-trigger. Aubrey Edwards runs out to ref the match. Omega with a huge knee to the face, cover, two. Omega looks for one winged angel, hits it, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Omega wins (2-1 in overtime)

- Post-match, Tony Schiavone talks with PAC on the stage after his match. Schiavone asks PAC about all the talking he did and for him to lose to Omega...PAC thinks Schiavone is trying to mock him. From the back strolls Orange Cassidy. He walks up to PAC and takes his sunglasses off. PAC immediately drops Cassidy, kicks him, and storms off.

- Backstage, Lexy Nair wants to talk with Chris Jericho, Jake Hager answers when she knocks on the door. She asks if she can get a word with Jericho. He just stares at her for a moment, then shuts the door.

- Taz joins commentary for the next match.

Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz vs. Luchasauraus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt

Quick start to this match with Jurassic Express taking control of things at first. Inner Circle fighting back though, getting rid of Luchasaurus. Stunt with a hurricanrana on Ortiz and Santana. Guevara flies in and hits a springboard double stomp on Stunt. Santana leaps off Ortiz's back for a moonsault. Santana still wearing an eye patch. Back from the commercial break, Stunt still getting beat up as things seem to have finally settled down.

Luchasaurus gets tagged in, throws bombs on everyone on the other team. Plants Santana, hits a chokeslam and standing moonsault on Ortiz. Guevara with slap to the back of the head. He tries for it again, no, Jungle Boy and Stunt get involved with some strikes. Triple superkick in the corner on Guevara. Stunt with a hurricanrana on Ortiz. Jungle Boy drops Guevara, Luchasaurus with the cover, but Santana breaks it up.

Jungle Boy fighting off Santana and Ortiz. Ortiz mistakenly hits Santana, but the duo hit double enziguris on him. Running shooting star press by Guevara, cover, Stunt jumps off the top rope to break it up. Multiple guys end up up on the floor. Luchasaurus with a moonsault off the apron, taking them all out. Jungle Boy in the ring, Guevara grabs that loaded sock, but Darby Allin shows up (to a nice pop) and takes it away. Jungle Boy hits a snap hurricarana straight into a pin for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Jurassic Express via Pinfall

- Post-match, Guevara goes after Allin, but gets back body dropped out of the ring and down on Ortiz and Santana.

- Recap of Cody and MJF's feud before the two will meet at this Saturday's Revolution.

Best Friends (with Orange Cassidy) vs. The Butcher and The Blade (with The Bunny)

Still feeling that shot from PAC, Cassidy follows his guys out to the ring. Taylor gets knocked off the apron as the bell rings. Butcher and Blade beat up Trent a bit. Dropkick / side suplex combo on Trent. Blade with some chops in the corner, Trent fights back with some of his own. Crowd with a "Best Friends" chant. Blade powerbombs Trent on the ropes, bouncing him back into the ring. Taylor is able to get a tag, rising knee strike. Soul food / half-and-half suplex by Best Friends.

Butcher and Blade take control as we go to break. Taylor finally finds a window to bring Trent into the match, tornado DDT on Blade, sending him to the floor. Trent tries to leap out, caught in midair and sent into the barricade. Blade does it again, but Trent spears him. Cassidy and Bunny both roll into the ring. Cassidy goes to put his hands in his pocket. She stops him and takes his shades. She goes for a lowblow kick, he blocks it, takes her bunny ears, and puts them on. He then puts his hands in his pockets, ducks her punch, avoids Blade, and then hits a huge suicide dive on Butcher as the referee got Bunny out of the ring. Best Friends with strong zero on Blade for the victory.

Winner: Best Friends via Pinfall

- Post-match, it was announced it will be PAC vs. Orange Cassidy at AEW Revolution. Schiavone asks Best Friends about their rise in the tag division. Taylor says they are on their way up, but in regards to Cassidy's match against PAC, the joke is on PAC because on Saturday...Cassidy is going to try! Crowd with a "He's going to try!" chant.

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Big Swole vs. Hiakru Shida vs. Shanna

Three of the women get right to wrestling, Yuka just looked on and cheered everybody. When the three ended in a stalemate, Yuka joked around like she broke a sweat with them. The three women drop Yuka to a bunch of boos. Three-way test of strength. Yuka makes her way in, kicks two of them and hits a hurricanrana on Shida. Swole with a shoulder tackle on Yuka. Shanna tosses Swole out of the ring. Everyone tries to pin everyone, but no three counts. Shida and Yuka each get sent out of the ring. Swole eats a superkick.

Shida puts Yuka in the corner, kicks Shanna and suplexes her into Yuka. Shida tries for a suplex, Shanna blocks it, Shida smacks her away. Swole with a basement dropkick, plants her into the ring, headbutt, kick to the head, slingshot cutter, cover, but Shanna kicks out. Shida heads to the top rope and hits a dropkick on Swole. Multiple pin attempts, no three counts. Shanna lifts and drops Yuka, cover, two. Shanna hits a diving stomp on both Yuka and Shida. Shanna goes after Swole, but Swole hits a rolling elbow strike. Shida with a backbreaker on Swole. Yuka hits a splash on Swole. Shida lifts and dumps Yuka on Swole, cover, two. Shida with a running knee strike on Swole, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

- Evil Uno says he and Grayson will take on Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky at AEW Revolution. He then tells Christopher Daniels he will find out that he is now "obsolete."

- Jim Ross does a sit-down interview with AEW World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and Adam Page and their Revolution challengers the Young Bucks. Ross asks the group if they thought this would be a match a year ago. Matt says he's very surprised to see Page and Omega to be the champions, considering they were almost always singles competitors. Matt felt like a veteran tag team, like themselves, would hold the titles. Omega says it just kind of happened and situational that they're the champions. Page questions Omega, saying it sounds like it was just an accident that they are the champions. Matt points out Page bringing a drink to the interview. Ross wonders why Page is uncomfortable, seems like he's moving around a lot.

Page says he's fine and isn't uncomfortable. Matt then says even though they are friends, they are also competitors in the ring. Matt says ultimately they are the best in the world and they are taking those titles. Matt says they will shake hands and we're the Elite. Page can't believe The Elite is bigger than the titles, Page says he tried to walk out of the Elite months ago. Matt says they made Page a star after bringing him in Being the Elite. Nick says Page was just a jobber at ROH and they made him a star. Page say the tag titles were the biggest achievement of his career and doesn't appreciate Matt and Nick trying to take that away from him. Page sees his drink is empty, and bounces.

- Lance Archer will debut on next week's show.

- Time for AEW World Champion Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley to weigh-in. Tony Schiavone announces Gary Michael Cappetta will host the weigh-in. Moxley out first, then Jericho (who walks down with the rest of the Inner Circle). The champion gets in the ring, Cappetta asks Jericho to step up first. Jericho then tells Cappetta based on his delivery, it's no wonder WCW went out of business. Jericho calls him a "weird, little man" and says the champion always goes on last.

The ring is filled with photographers, security, and others. Moxley weighs in at 234 pounds. Jericho takes his sweet time to get on the scale and taunts the crowd a bit. Jericho then gets in Moxley's face and Moxley headbutts the champion, busting him open. The Inner Circle immediately takes down Moxley. Dustin Rhodes runs out and clotheslines Hager out of the ring, and they go out to the crowd, brawling all the way to the back. Hager with a lowblow, sends Rhodes into a wall, then the Dippin' Dots stand. Crowd with a "Dippin' Dots!" chant.

Darby Allin runs to the ring with his skateboard and drops Santana. Guevara lands a huge running knee as he gets in the ring and smacks the skateboard over Allin's head. Moxley still trying to fight back, dropping Ortiz. Only Moxley and Jericho are standing in the ring now. Moxley goes for a paradigm shift, but Santana hits a lowblow, judas effect, and then a paradigm shift to his challenger on the scales. Jericho then holds up the title while putting his foot on a fallen Moxley.