AEW Dynamite Results: Riho Vs. Nyla Rose, Tag Title Match, Jon Moxley In Action, MJF

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Kenny Omega and Hangman Page (c) vs. SCU (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Dark Order appear on the big screen and say they await the exalted one, but let the teams know the Dark Order is closer than they may think and will see them soon. Christopher Daniels was ringside for his team, but tells them he's gonna go to the back to check it out. Omega and Kazarian get things going. The two shake hands and get going, Sky ends up cheap kicking Omega. Omega looks at him like "What the heck?" Omega ends up kicking Sky off the apron. He gets back up and as Omega is tied up with Kazarian, Sky kicks him again. Page is then kicked off the apron. Double team moves on Omega, Page is knocked to the floor again.


The champs with some good teamwork. Page looks for buckshot lariat, but Page gets knocked off to the floor by Kazarian. Both Sky and Omega end up taking to the air and clear each other out on the floor. Back in the ring, Omega with a dropkick to Sky's back. Fisherman's buster, cover two. Page drops Sky. Page goes to the top rope, but Kazarian shoves him to the barricade. Sky recovers, plants Omega and tags Kazarian back in. Sky beats Omega up on the floor a bit, tosses him back in the ring. Kazarian with a body slam, springboard leg drop, cover, two.

SCU in full control of the match at the moment. Omega looking to tag out, but Page is still down on the floor. Splash in the corner on Omega. He fights back, tags in Page who swings away on both opponents. Big kick to Kazarian, and another to Sky in mid-air. Crowd has done multiple "cowboy s—" chants. Page with a standing moonsault, cover, two. Assisted tornado DDT on Page, cover, two. Sky with a cutter on Page, Kazarian hits one on Page. Stereo dragon sleepers, Omega throws himself to the side and breaks up both holds. Omega with the blind tag, v-trigger to Kazarian, snap dragon suplex on Sky. Page goes for buckshot lariat, nope, but hits a powerbomb. Omega with a knee strike to the back of the head. Suicide dive on Sky on the floor by Page. V-trigger / buckshot lariat combo, cover, 1-2-3.


Winners: Hangman Page and Hangman Page via Pinfall

- Page grabs a beer and heads out through the crowd. Back in the ring, Sky and Kazarian look disappointed with the results. From the back come The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Grayson). Best Friends run out to the ring to even the odds. Now comes The Butcher and The Blader, TH2, and Young Bucks. Everyone starts brawling as a preview next week's tag team battle royal. The winner will face Omega and Page for the titles at Revolution on February 29. Teams get sent out of the ring with the Young Bucks standing tall at the end of the segment.

- Jim Ross spoke with Santana before tonight's show. He asked Santana what he meant when he said he'd show Jon Moxley what it's like to live in darkness. Santana said about ten years ago he was living in a terrible apartment, broke, no job, no direction and was at his lowest point. Santana said he called his dad and explained to him the same thing. He talked about his father (who passed last month) and mentioned that his dad couldn't see (started losing his sight at 14 and was basically blind at 25). Santana says that's what he has to live with and he wants to show Moxley the same kind of darkness.


- Darby Allin video: he holds up pieces of cardboard in front of the video camera, saying it was a mistake to slash his throat with his own skateboard, and he will find the Inner Circle. In the meantime, he challenges Sammy Guevara to a match at Revolution. Afterwards, Jim Ross says Allin has no official return date due to his throat injury.

Sammy Guevara with Jake Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes

Guevara immediately goes out to the floor, devises a plan with Hager, but the distraction doesn't work as Guevara gets destroyed by Rhodes, cover, two. Guevara rolls out of the ring and thinks about heading to the back. Rhodes leaps off the steps and takes out Guevara. He then gets in Hager's face. Guevera attempts the same attack off the steps and Rhodes clocks him mid-air.

Back in the ring, Guevara with a springboard, but Rhodes catches him and flap jacks him. Rhodes with a few punches and clotheslines, spinning powerslam, cover, two. Rhodes heads to the second rope, Hager heads up towards Rhodes and Guevara able to hit Rhodes from behind. He puts Rhodes on his shoulders, flips him over and sends a knee into his face, cover, two. Hager is not happy, yelling at the referee. Guevara on the top rope, Rhodes cuts his feet out from under him and heads up, back body drops Guevara down to the mat. He runs back up and gets tossed down to the mat, Rhodes with a canadian destroyer off the second rope! Final reckoning (twisting suplex) hits, cover, 1-2-3.


Winner: Dustin Rhodes via Pinfall

- Post-match, Rhodes tells Hager (or "Jericho's b—-") to turn around as he heads up the ramp. Rhodes asks Hager if he's ever going to get into the ring or just pick up a paycheck. Rhodes says he wants a match at Revolution. Hager headed to the ring, then turned around and headed back.

- Last week, we see a recap of Britt Baker breaking Yuka Sakazaki's tooth after last week's match.

- Tony Schiavone on the stage and out comes Britt Baker, who gives him a hug. He asks how she can justify what she did last week. She calls it a stupid question and says as a dentist she was doing her duty for the public because that tooth was in decay and it was coming out anyways. Baker continues that she did Yuka a favor, and it did it for free! Baker then rips on Tony a bit, mentioning the barista thing again. Tony asks Britt about Riho vs. Nyla Rose. She says it'll be an awesome match, but both competitors are still number two compared to her. She tells the fans to shut their "chubby Whataburger faces" and gets some big boos (and "Whataburger" chants) from the crowd as she continues talking before heading to the back.


Riho (c) vs. Nyla Rose (AEW Women's World Championship)

Riho immediately hits Rose with a dropkick and gets in a move or two before getting squashed in the corner. Rose charges in, nobody home, roll-up, two. Rose runs over Riho, cover, Riho bridges up and out of it. Rose swats her down, tries for a suplex, Riho gets out of it and throws forearms. Dropkicks Rose out to the floor, heads to the top rope, and goes for a crossbody. Rose catches her in mid-air, backbreaker, and jams her into the edge of the ring. Rose then pulls out a table (?) and sets it up on the floor. Riho out of nowhere, runs the table, and dropkicks Rose and the two keep brawling as we go to break.

Back in the ring, Riho with a dropkick, Rose tries for a chokeslam, but Riho reverses into a crucifix bomb. Riho tries for the 619, blocked, Rose lifts her up, Riho slips under, Rose drops down, but nobody home. The champ with a low dropkick, cover, two. Rose back up, drapes Riho over the top rope, heads to the top and hits a big knee to the back of Riho's head, weak cover, two. Rose can't believe. Riho sent into the corner, Rose goes up to the second rope with Riho. Riho fights out of it though, Rose bites Riho's face, avalanche death valley driver, cover, super close three!


Riho with two snap dragon suplexes, running knee strike misses, she goes into the turnbuckle. Rose tries for a powerbomb, Riho slips out, trips Rose up, dropkick, northern lights suplex for a two-count. Riho with double foot stomps, cover, only a one-count for Rose. Riho up top, double foot stomps again. Riho goes for a third one and hits it, cover, Rose gets her foot on the bottom rope though. Riho runs in and eats a spear, Rose with a sitdown powerbomb, cover, 1-2-3. New champ!

Winner: Nyla Rose via pinfall to win the AEW Women's World Championship

- Backstage, Lexy talks with Chris Jericho. Jericho says Moxley proved that he's trash after stealing his Ford GT car and then jabbing Santana in the eye with the key. Jericho says if Moxley can survive Santana, next Moxley will face Jeff Cobb. Quick vignette for Cobb is shown.

- Clips shown from last week when MJF lashed Cody.


- Brandi Rhodes joins commentary and talks about Cody having to face Wardlow on next week's Dynamite in a Steel Cage Match. She stays on as we get to our next match.

MJF vs. Jungle Boy

Back and forth action early on, Jungle Boy getting some of the momentum at first. Action spills out to the floor and MJF launches Jungle Boy into the barricade. Backstage, Arn Anderson is watching on. As we go to split-screen break, MJF continues to beat up Jungle Boy and taunt the crowd. Jungle Boy gets some momentum and hits two suicide dives and a flip over the top rope on MJF. Commentary putting over MJF has never been pinned or submitted in an AEW ring.

Jungle Boy plants MJF, cover, two. He looks to deadlift MJF, but he's been selling back issues. MJF with a kick to the face, throws him down to the mat, puts Jungle Boy on his back and bends him over his back. Jungle Boy escapes for the roll-up, two. MJF eats a kick, Jungle Boy up top, but MJF hits the rope, crotching his opponent. MJF then taunts Brandi at commentary. Jungle Boy with a running powerbomb for a two-count. Wardlow then shows up at ringside, he slips MJF's ring on his finger as the referee was talking with Jungle Boy. MJF punches him in the face, ditches the ring, hits cross rhodes for the win.


Winner: MJF via Pinfall

- Post-match, Wardlow beats up Jungle Boy some more with a twisting F-5. Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt run out to the ring, MJF and Wardlow head up the ramp.

- PAC cuts a promo to Kenny Omega, says all of Omega's problems are because of him. We see clips of PAC working out. The two will meet in two weeks in a 30-Minute Ironman Match and PAC says we'll see just how good Omega is.

- Next week will be Hangman Page and Kenny Omega defending the AEW World Tag Team Championship against the Lucha Bros.

Jon Moxley vs. Santana (with Ortiz)

Before the match gets going Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara sit in their private box to watch the match. Both Moxley and Santana have eye patches as they immediately start fighting outside the ring. They brawl out through the crowd and eventually make their way into the ring where the match can officially start. Moxley with chops to the chest. The action spills out to the floor again, Santana near the steps, Moxley charges in and runs right into them. Santana tries to jab Moxley's bad eye right into the edge of the steps.


Moxley fights out of it and sends him back into the ring, Santana shoves him back out and hits a dropkick on Moxley. Ortiz laughs at Moxley as we go to break. Back in the ring, Moxley swinging away, hits a double ax handle, then eats a kick. Moxley with a backslide pin, goes right into a fujiwara armbar. Moxley with a release german suplex. Santana ends up sending Moxley face first into the turnbuckle. Santana hits a cutter, pin, two.

Ortiz tries to smack Moxley with the loaded sock, referee sees him trying it. Santana ends up mistakenly hitting Ortiz off the apron. Moxley with a big clothesline that drops Santana. Moxley goes to the top rope, Ortiz spits a drink in Moxley's face as the referee checked on Santana. Santana with a cannonball senton in the corner. Santana goes up top, hits the frog splash, cover, two. Both Moxley and Santana blind each other completely near the end of the match. They feel around for a moment, paradigm shift by Moxley, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall


- Post-match, The Inner Circle all get in the ring and beat up Moxley. Jericho whips him with the title and hits him with judas effect, knocking Moxley out. Jericho then calls to the back and out comes Jeff Cobb! Commentary calling him Jericho's bounty hunter and mercenary. He gives tour of the island to Moxley in the middle of the ring and stands over a fallen Moxley as the show closes.