AEW Revolution Results: Chris Jericho Vs. Jon Moxley, Cody Takes On MJF

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of AEW Revolution from the Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Illinois. The main card starts at 8 pm ET. Wrestling Inc. will also have a WINC Podcast right after the show finishes up!

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- Justin Roberts out to hype the crowd. Taz and Excalibur calling a match for AEW Dark.

- The Buy In gets started. Backstage, Christopher Daniels is told by Sky and Kazarian to stay backstage during their upcoming match against the Dark Order.

SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno and Grayson with John Silver and Alex Reynolds)

Quick start to the match as SCU goes right after Dark Order. Back and forth action with Kazarian sending both opponents out to the floor. Kazarian tries for a hurricanrana, gets caught by Grayson and Uno sends Kazarian right into the steel post. The followers all stomp away on Kazarian on the floor. Back in the ring, Kazarian tries to fight, but is in the wrong side of town as Grayson and Uno beat him down.

Kazarian is able to finally flip and roll his way to tag in Sky. Sky with a flurry of attacks on both opponents, roll-up, cover, two. Grayson tags in, drops Sky, cover, two. Gets a bit frustrated he wasn't able to put him away. They look for fatality, but Sky fights out of it. Sky thrown into Kazarian, monkey flips his partner right into a double lariat. SCU-later attempt on Grayson, some of the minions get involved to break that up. Sky tries to roll-up Grayson, big lariat to the back of Sky's head, Grayson with the pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Dark Order via Pinfall

- Post-match, the minions show up and attack. Suddenly, Colt Cabana's music hits and out rolls Cabana to make the save for SCU. Cabana and Grayson swing away on each other. The rest of the Dark Order get involved though and stomp away on Cabana. Music starts playing and a hooded figure comes out, it's Christopher Daniels! He runs right at Uno though and takes him out. The rest of SCU and Cabana clear out the Dark Order. Daniels celebrates with his SCU guys.

- Backstage, Lexy Nair talks with Jurassic Express about what they are interested in seeing tonight. Stunt and Jungle Boy try to hit on Lexy while Luchasaurus runs down some of the things they're interested in seeing on tonight's PPV.

Jake Hager vs. Dustin Rhodes

QT Marshall pumps Rhodes up at the stage before Dustin makes his way to the ring. Hager makes his way to the front row and gives his wife a big kiss before going into the ring. Rhodes charges, but gets caught and sent into the corner, he turns things around and lands a couple punches. Hager gets out of there and hits a side suplex. Both trade punches, Hager is sent out to the floor and then into the crowd. Rhodes slams Hager's hand on the metal railing, the throws that arm into the ring post a few times.

Still out on the floor, Hager runs right through Rhodes with a big lariat. Referee checking on Rhodes as the crowd chants "Jericho's B—-!" Back in the ring, Hager goes for a pin, two. Hager taking control of the match. Hager's wife has been standing for the entire match, getting some close-up camera shots here and there. Big knee to Rhodes' midsection sends him to the floor. Rhodes back in the ring first, throws Hager into the corner, the knocks Hager down to the floor. Rhodes heads to the floor, but Hager tosses him into the barricade and the apron. Hager goes back to his wife and she pumps him up, Rhodes with a big boot. His wife goes for a slap, gets blocked and he gets in a kiss, leaving paint on her face.

Back in the ring, uppercut on Hager, bulldog, punches in the corner, spinning powerslam, cover, two-count. Rhodes dropped over the top rope, Hager with a chop block to Rhodes' knee. Hager goes for a vader bomb, eats a boot, cover, two. Hager up and scoop slams Rhodes, vader bomb hits this time, pin, two. Hager with some shots in the corner, liking Rhodes' face, for whatever reasdon. Gutwrench powerbomb, cover, close three. Hager charges in, Rhodes lifts him up and over the top rope, Hager's face hits the steps.

Back in the ring, Rhodes sets up shattered dreams. Hager gets out, Rhodes with a kick to the stomach, code red, cover, two. Rhodes looking to break the arm with a cross armbreaker, but Hager initially blocks it, but then doesn't. Hager rolls over though and gets in the ankle lock, Rhodes looking to maybe tap, ends up nearly sending Hager into Aubrey Edwards. As she's looking away, Hager with a lowblow, Hager looking to choke out Rhodes with a standing arm triangle, knees to the midsection and Rhodes eventually goes out.

Winner: Jake Hager via Submission

Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara

Very fast start with the two brawling on the outside. Allin looks for a suicide dive, coming up short and landing down on the floor. Looks to be okay though. Guevara then launches Allin's skateboard right at him. Guevara sets up a table on the floor. The match hasn't officially started yet. Guevara puts Allin on the table, then hits a 630 senton off the top rope down on Allin!

Both back in the ring, bell finally rings and Guevara drops Allin, cover, two. Guevara really working over Allin at this point. Jurassic Express looking on from the front row. Allin hits a canadian destroyer out of no where. Allin heads to the top rope, Guevara follows but gets shoved into the ring. Guevara leaps to the top and hits a big spanish fly, cover, two.

Guevara exposes the top turnbuckle, Allin ends up sending him into it moments later. Allin with an over-the-top cutter, coffin drop off the top rope, cover, and that will do it. Crowd pops big for Allin's win.

Winner: Darby Allin via Pinfall

- Post-match, Allin gets his skateboard, but Hager yanks Guevara out of the ring before anything happens.

Kenny Omega and Hangman Page (c) vs. Young Bucks (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Mixed reaction for the Young Bucks during their introduction, they are for sure behind the champions. Page bickering with the brothers before the match get started. Omega and Nick get things going, back and forth action until Page and Matt are tagged. Very loud "Cowboy s—!" chant. Mat wrestling to get things started and goes into a stalemate. Matt goes for a handshake, Page spits in his face. Matt with a takedown and throws punches. Omega gets in there, Matt shoves him away, Nick gets in and pulls Matt away. Nick wants the tag, and eats a big slap to the face. Nick with a kick to the midsection, tags Matt back in, pop-up dropkick. Then they dropkick Kenny off the apron. Crowd boos that.

Page gets the advantage on Matt, then goes over and aggressively tags in Omega, almost bossing him about what to do. Page tags back in, drops down on Matt, then kicks Nick off the apron. Page goes out to the floor and throws Matt into the barricade. Page looking to put Matt through the timekeeper's table. Omega stops Page and puts Matt back in the ring. Crowd boos that. Page and Omega with big chops in the ring. Omega with a forearm shot to Matt's back. Matt is able to somehow tag in Nick and he lights up both Page and Omega with some kicks. Nick dances on the ropes and hits a hurricanrana on Omega. Rising knee stike on Omega, penalty kick to Omega and a facebuster on Page. Nick then hits a moonsault off the apron down on Omega.

Nick goes for a scorpion deathlock in the middle of the ring, but Omega hits a kotaro crusher on Nick and tags in. Omega looking to fly, but Matt stops that. Omega dispatches Matt, Omega looks to fly again, but Matt kicks him as he leaps. Nick with a cover, two. Nick sent out to the floor. Omega having to deal with Matt in the ring. Matt then spits at Page, but he's held back by the referee. Omega looks to tag out, but Nick yanks Page off the apron. Crowd boos. Matt with a piledriver on Omega! Cover, two-count. Nick tags in, gets beat up by Page and Omega, eats a powerbomb.

Page tagged in, big punches to both Nick and Matt. Fallaway slam on Matt, kip up, flipping senton on Nick, he then sends Matt out to the floor with a clothesline. Page on the apron, eats an elbow, he slingshots both brothers out to the floor. Page up to the top rope, moonsault on both opponents. Back to Page and Matt in the ring, Matt selling his back as the crowd yells "F– 'em up, cowboy! F— 'em up!" They trade punches in the ring, cheering Page, booing Matt. Omega tags in, diving back elbow strike. Pop-up german suplex and Matt landed damn near on his head. Omega with a doctor bomb, two-count.

Nick dances on the ropes, gets shoved off and lands on his feet, hits a canadian destroyer over the top rope, cover, two. Page on the second rope, kicked in the face. Young Bucks with a sliced bread / powerbomb combo, cover, Omega breaks it up. Nick goes for a superkick, Page throws it into Matt's face, punches Nick, fakes high and kicks Matt's knee. Page goes for the chicken wing a la Marty Scurll! Matt reverses, Nick with a 450 splash down on Page, cover, two. Nick on the top rope, Matt gets tossed into him. Page goes up top with Nick and hits a blockbuster suplex, cover, two.

Page goes right into a powerbomb, v-trigger to the back by Omega, cover, Matt breaks it up. Crowd with a loud "AEW" chant. Omega looks for v-trigger, nobody home, couple reversals, v-trigger on Nick and then one on Matt, sending him out of the ring. Omega with a nasty snap dragon suplex, then another one, tiger driver '98, cover, two. V-trigger to the back of Nick's head, Omega looking for one winged angel off the second rope, Nick hits a poisonrana to Omega. Page gets suplexed out of the ring on and on the ramp, he hits another, thinks about it, then hits a third one.

Matt wants an Indy Taker out on the ramp and they hit it. Crowd boos hard. Omega in the ring with Matt and Nick, they pop him with superkicks. Double knees to the face (Golden Trigger). Omega kicks out at one! Crowd loses it. Double superkicks to Omega's face, cover, and he kicks out. Feel bad for whoever has to follow this match. Matt stops away at Omega's bad shoulder, crowd boos again.

Nick talking to Matt, trying to get his head back in the game. They look Meltzer Driver, Page grabs Nick and powerbombs him through a table. Omega with some knees to Matt. Page and Omega hit the v-trigger / buckshot lariat combo, cover, Matt somehow kicks out?! Omega looking for one winged angel, Matt fights out of it. Page tags in and he goes for one winged angel, hits it, cover, and Nick breaks that up. Page with a buckshot lariat on Nick out on the ramp, then another in the ring on Matt, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega via pinfall to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship

– Post-match, Young Bucks try to talk with Omega, who seems somewhat annoyed with how things played out. Omega gives a fist bump to Matt and Nick. Page still seems distant though, he looks at them for a moment, gives kind of a head nod, but gets out of the ring. Young Bucks leave the ring, Page eyes Omega like he was gonna hit him with a buckshot lariat, but then tells Omega to come on and holds the ropes for him.

Nyla Rose (c) vs. Kris Statlander (AEW Women's World Championship)

Both looking to gain an advantage and end up in the corner, but Rose goes right into a side headlock. Statlander tries for a shoulder block, no luck. Rose with a kick to the midsection, shoulder tackle takes Statlander down. Statlander tries for a kip-up, doesn't make it and has to roll backwards to recover. Rose gets dropped, Statlander with a standing moonsault. Rose up and sends her into the corner, Statlander ends up on the apron, tries to leap in and eats a punch. Both on the ramp, Rose with some punches and kicks. Statlander dives into the ring, hits the ropes, looks for a spear and Rose just moves out of the way.

Back in the ring, Rose with a spear, cover, two-count. Rose suplexes Statlander in the corner, she crumples out to the floor. The challenger takes until seven to get in, Rose eats a superkick and sent out to the floor. Statlander hits a suicide dive, then looks for a second one and hits another. She tosses the champ in, cover, two. Rose recovers, beats up Statlander a bit. Rose puts her up and over the top rope. Rose looks for the diving knee, but Statlander walks out of it via her hands and blows a kiss to the champion, boots her in the face, "booping" her nose, DDT, cover, two.

Rose drops Statlander, goes into the STF, both up, beast bomb, cover, two. Rose then heads up to the top rope, Statlander is up and throws punches, goes for a superplex and Statlander falls hard as she missed planting her second foot on the top rope. Rose with a big boot to the face, she goes up to the second rope. Statlander goes up again and tries for a hurricanrana. Rose blocks it though and hits a rough looking beast bomb from the second rope for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Nyla Rose via pinfall to retain the AEW Women's World Championship

Cody (with Brandi Rhodes and Arn Anderson) vs. MJF (with Wardlow)

Cody comes to the ring with a bunch of Nightmare Family members, including Stephen Amell, only Arn and Brandi stay at ringside. Back and forth action, Cody looks for the springboard cutter, MJF gets away and strolls out to the floor. MJF into the crowd, flicking them off, slaps a guy's hat off his head. "Corward!" chant MJF throws a beer at a fan.

Back in the ring, Cody continues to dominate MJF, he ends up rolling out to the ramp. Cody goes out to the tunnel and runs all the way down the ramp hitting MJF with a clothesline. MJF with a thumb to the eye and a stomp to Cody's fracture toe (from his moonsault off the cage against Wardlow). Cody with an airplane spin on MJF into an alabama slam.

Brandi ends up throwing a beer on Wardlow. He goes over towards her and Cody hits a suicide dive on him, then stomps away on Wardlow. Referee is distracted, Wardlow yanks Cody into the ring post, then tosses him in. MJF tosses Cody into the ring post, shoulder-first. MJF continues to work over the shoulder. Cody shoves MJF to the corner. MJF works a submission, tying up his legs and arms so Cody has to bite the rope to break the hold. MJF then looks to take Cody's boot off, does so, and just bites his hurt toe.

Arn is up on the apron asking the referee about that move. MJF puts Cody on the top rope, chops the throat, Cody slips under and drops MJF's face on the top rope. Both back on the top rope and Cody hits reverse suplex on MJF. Cody sends MJF out of the ring, he looks to fly, but Wardlow gets on the apron to distract. Arn grabs a chair and goes over at Wardlow. MJF is now busted open. Cody brings him into the ring and punches away on that new wound, spinning powerslam, cover, two.

Wardlow gets involved again. Brandi leaps off the apron, but Wardlow catches her. She gets out of the way, Cody goes for a kick, but kicks Arn by mistake. Back in the ring, MJF gets a lowblow during the chaos. Cody looks to suplex MJF out of the ring and both end up going out and down to the floor. Referee starts up ten-count and both get back in at nine. Cody with some elbows, look for the finishing blow and MJF just rolls away. Crowd boos. MJF is up and drops Cody. MJF takes Cody's weightbelt and goes to whip him. The referee takes it away, Cody with a lowblow on MJF as the ref's back is turned and plants MJF, cover, two.

Cody gets the belt back, cracks MJF. Referee goes to take it away, Cody asks for one more, ref turns around and Cody smacks MJF, then tosses it to the crowd. MJF then crawls to Cody's foot and hugs it. MJF looks to be fake crying as he climbs up Cody, giving him another hug. He then spits in Cody's face. Cross rhodes lands, Cody goes or a second one, tries for a third, but eats a knee. MJF then punches Cody with the ROH diamond ring on, cover, and that will do it. Crowd is not happy.

Winner: MJF via Pinfall

PAC vs. Orange Cassidy (with Best Friends)

Cassidy starting the match with his glasses on. "Holy s—" chant by the crowd. He goes to put his hands in his pockets, PAC stops him and Cassidy immediately flips PAC to the mat! PAC looked very surprised. Cassidy throws soft kicks, PAC sends them back to him. "Massive" superkick by Cassidy. PAC then actually shoves Cassidy to the mat, glasses go flying off.

Cassidy sent into the ropes, leaps over PAC, dropkick, then light boot to the back of PAC's head. Crowd going wild as his hands are still in his pockets. Cassidy then with a tricky roll-up for the two-count. Cassidy hits the ropes, but eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Out on the floor, PAC sends him into the barricade. Chuck Taylor has a white towel in his hand, possibly for future use? Cassidy gets sent head-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, PAC continues to beat his opponent up. Scoop slam on Cassidy, PAC to the top rope and hits a shotgun dropkick. PAC plants Cassidy, cover, two. "No pulp!" chant from the crowd. PAC puts Cassidy up on the top rope, PAC with a super brainbuster, cover, 1-2-PAC picks Cassidy up.

PAC up top, Cassidy rolls away and down to the floor. PAC gets him back in the ring, goes up top, Cassidy rolls away and down to the floor again. PAC sends him in the ring, Cassidy rolls all the way across the ring and PAC meets him on the other side. Cassidy laughs at PAC and starts rolling the other way. PAC claps it up as he goes to the other side and Cassidy hits a quick suicide dive, gets him in the ring, tornado DDT, cover, barely a two-count. PAC up and lands a big lariat. Cassidy with some weak chops. PAC clocks him. Cassidy hands in pockets, ducks a shot and hits a superman punch! PAC picks him up, but Cassidy reverses with a stun dog millionaire. Cassidy up to the top rope, PAC kicks the rope and crotches Cassidy.

PAC looks to super powerslam Cassidy, midair counter into a DDT. Cassidy with a diving DDT off the top rope! PAC then rolls out of the ring, like Cassidy. Trent sends PAC back into the ring, air raid crash, cover, two. From back come the Lucha Bros and they clear out Trent. Taylor dives over the top rope and hits them with a senton. The four of them fight to the back. PAC throws Cassidy down and locks in the brutalizer for the tap.

Winner: PAC via Submission

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Jon Moxley with Santana and Ortiz (AEW World Championship)

Moxley (with the eye patch still on) starts from outside the building and makes his way to the ring through the crowd. Jericho entrance starts with a choir singing "Judas." Jericho's original theme then plays as the champ makes his way to the ring with Santana and Ortiz. Jericho's got a nasty cut (seven stitches) next to his eye from Moxley's headbutt at the this past Wednesday's weigh-in. Jericho introduced as "changing the universe" when he signed with AEW. Moxley was introduced as "zero 'f's' given." Aubrey Edwards is the referee.

Moxley and Jericho throw shots, Jericho sent out to the floor. Jericho into the crowd, Moxley gets in Santana and Ortiz's face, then follows. Jericho sends water in Moxley's face and throws him into the metal stands. The two fight way up into the crowd. Edwards following, but not doing a ten-count. They work their way back to the ring, using whatever they can along the way. Moxley with forearms and elbows to Jericho's face. Moxley leaps off the ramp with a double sledge on the champ.

Moxley then bites at Jericho's stitches! Jericho fights back and Moxley has been busted open now, too. Jericho powerbombs Moxley through the timekeeper table. Jericho swings away on Moxley in the ring, calls him a "piece of s—." Jericho to the second rope and hits a double ax handle on his back. Jericho rings the bell, gets on the mic and says "your winner, Chris Jericho!" Crowd with a "stupid idiot" chant, Jericho flips the crowd off. Moxley with some chops, Jericho whips him into the corner, then stomps away at his face. Jericho tosses him out to the floor and whips him hard into the steps.

The two end up on the top rope, Jericho looks for a suplex, Moxley pancakes him down to the mat. Moxley leaps off and hits a lariat, throws a couple more, then stomps away at Jericho. Moxley on the second rope, dropkick, Jericho looks for walls of jericho, but Moxley reverses into a heel hook. Jericho out to the floor, Moxley with a suicide dive to the back of Jericho. Back in the ring, running knee, cover, two. Moxley looks for paradigm shift, Ortiz gets his attention and whacks him with the loaded sock. Jericho hits the lionsault, cover, two. Jericho looks for codebreaker, no, paradigm shift, no, Moxley gets the champ in walls of Jericho.

Hager runs out to the ring and Moxley drops him. Jericho with a codebreaker on Moxley. Jericho locks in walls of Jericho, Moxley finally makes it to the rope for a break. Jericho shoves Aubrey, not once, but twice. Moxley with a suplex on Jericho, hits a clothesline. Hager throws a shot, Edwards caught the back end of that move and she throws all three of them out of ringside. They argue with her on the ramp. Sammy runs in with the title and cracks Moxley in the face with it. Guevara runs back out through the crowd.

Both wrestlers are up, throwing shots in the ring. Paradigm shift attempt, Jericho gouges Moxley's good eye. Jericho then boots him in the head. Moxley can't see, Jericho punches him right in the face, knee to the face, Jericho up to the second rope (pulls down the knee pad) and drives it on Moxley's face. Jericho lining up judas effect, Moxley ducks it, hits paradigm shift! Moxley then lifts off the eye patch, he can see just fine! Moxley hits another high-elevation paradigm shift, cover, 1-2-3! New champion!

Winner: Jon Moxley via pinfall to win the AEW World Championship

- Post-match, Moxley celebrates with the title, Jericho heads off. Moxley gets the mic, "Goddammit I love this s—!" Moxley says it's been a long road this past year. Says the fans are the energy that fuels AEW. He says they're bringing pro wrestling back to the people. He says the title doesn't belong to him, it belongs to the fans. All the fans who stuck with him in the good and bad times. Moxley then says "I don't know what else to say, I guess it's beer-o-clock." His music plays and Moxley goes, "Hey, what the f—, I'm not done!" He then says he's not hiding behind the title, he's gonna knock down anyone in his way, but for now, he's going to knock back some whiskey.