Recently on The New Day: Feel The Power, WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods talked about the otherworldly physical gifts of Cesaro. Also, Big E told an amusing anecdote about a match versus Jack Swagger, also known as AEW’s Jack Hager, that was set up through fan voting on the WWE App.

Cesaro, who recently helped the newly crowned NXT [Women’s] Champion Rhea Ripley prepare for her title match versus Shayna Baszler, was called “the most physically impressive” professional wrestler today by Big E. The muscle of The New Day went on to talk about Swiss Army knife-like versatility of ‘The Swiss Superman’.

“I always think of Cesaro and his strength? I think at the time when we first started New Day, I was probably about 305, 310 [lbs.]. And I would always suggest things, but I always love doing with him a drop down spot, so something where I drop down, I go for the leapfrog, and he catches me out of midair like it’s nothing, just every time. He’s the most physically impressive man in [pro] wrestling, I think, because he can do it all. He’s quick enough and agile enough to do lucha stuff. He can be a base for you. He can do springboard.” Big E added, “what a frightening human being!”

Additionally, Kingston put over ‘The King Of Swing’.

“I’ll put him over to the end of the Earth,” Kingston declared. “Do you know what I’m saying? You know that everything is going to work out when [Cesaro] is in there.”

With respect to fans voting for matches on the WWE App, Big E shared that he once thought he was going to be in a match versus Alberto Del Rio and planned for that outcome extensively; however, the WWE Universe voted for Swagger.  

“Remember, for a while, they were doing a thing where fans would vote? You would have two options for a match and fans would vote and it was a shoot vote and you didn’t know until minutes before, which was horrible! That was horrible. One of my worst memories in [pro] wrestling was having a match, it was one of those deals where we’re definitely having a match and it was either Jack Swagger or [Alberto] Del Rio. And this was definitely before The New Day, obviously. So at the time, I think I was a heel and Del Rio was a babyface. Swagger was a heel, so I thought, ‘okay, people will want [ADR].’ He was popular at the time, so they’re going to vote for him, so I was like, ‘let me spend the majority of the time putting a full match, a real match, together with Del Rio and have a skeleton with Swagger because, like, you can’t remember everything. You don’t have time. And, of course, the jackasses picked Swagger!

“So we’re out there, not for ‘hey, four-minute TV match just real quick, whatever.’ It was a 2-[segment] and it felt like 8 [minutes] and 8 [minutes] with a 6-minute break. I’m out there proper, just cursing all these people, ‘why would you do this?’ And a heel/heel match is hard enough! It’s difficult enough! Who is going to put the heat on who? Who is going to sell? Who’s going to blow our comeback? So we’re up there and you know Swagger. He will hit you now! He will tackle you! So we’re up there and we’re just hitting each other! I like a little slapping meat, but there [has] got to be a point! There was no point! We were just out there doing stuff to each other! Match psychology? Nope! Structure? Nope! We had no plan either! We talked for 5 minutes! That was horrible! I just kept thinking, ‘why would people do this?'” Big E continued, “just pick what matches are going to happen or cut the voting off an hour before, so we have some time to put a match together! Or lie! You do it all the time! Just lie like you always do! I mean, this company would never lie to you. I’m lying saying they lie.”

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