WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke with Sports Illustrated to promote his ring return at Saturday's Reality of Wrestling event. As noted, Booker, who owns the ROW promotion, will captain a team of his students to up against "Ruthless" Ryan Davidson and The Renegades in an eight-man tag team match. The event, ROW "Battle Lines Drawn", will take place this Saturday, February 8 from Booker's World Gym Arena in Texas City, Texas. Booker will reportedly bring back his G.I. Bro gimmick for the match.

Booker said Saturday's ring return is unlikely to bring him back to in-ring action on a full-time basis, despite the fact that a WWE ring return would be big time success. The 54 year old Booker said he's not interested in working the WWE schedule ever again.

"I don't wish to ever wrestle a WWE schedule again," Booker said. "Those days are far past me. My body feels good, but I don't have anything to prove in the wrestling ring, unlike Edge, who just came back. Edge didn't leave on his own terms. He left because of a neck injury, which wasn't the way he wanted to go out. We want to go out the way we want to go out.

"I pretty much did everything I possibly could for the WWE and every other organization I could possibly be a part of. I'm still having so much fun in this current wave, working for Fox, working for ESPN, working for WWE, and having my own wrestling company. Life is great, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Regarding the WrestleMania 36 main event, Booker revealed that he thinks Drew McIntyre vs. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar should close The Grandest Stage of Them All as the main event this year.

"McIntyre-Lesnar is a built-in story," Booker said. "Drew paid his dues. He's a guy that got fired, had to go out there and find himself, then work his way back up. Drew is a guy that was once labeled 'The Chosen One,' and then all of that fell through. To see him back, it's only fitting to close WrestleMania with that match."

It was noted that Booker relates to McIntyre through their shared work ethic. Booker was also an underappreciated hardworking talent before finally getting his first World Title run in 2000 while still with WCW.

"I was that guy once upon a time, so I know exactly how Drew feels right now," Booker said. "It will be one of those stories where the guy who worked his ass off gets rewarded, and it will be awesome."