John Cena recently had major praise for WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Cena gave his thoughts Lesnar’s performance at this year’s Royal Rumble and called him the “best in ring performer of all time.”

“I can say with the utmost sincerity that I believe Brock Lesnar is the best in ring performer I have ever seen,” Cena said. “I know it’s an opinion and if you want a cool quote here it is: I think that he is the best in ring performer of all time, I thought his performance at the Royal Rumble was a clinic on how to establish yourself, how to establish those around you and how to establish the championship and the importance of the event and he did so in less than 30 minutes. I certainly don’t have the skill set to do that and it was awesome to be able to see a master class and this man put on a clinic.”

During The Hall of Fame Podcast with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, Booker T gave his thoughts about Cena’s statement.

“I know where John is coming from,” Booker T said. “One of my pupils who sat up under the learning tree, a guy who would tell you when he worked with me it was all about going out and performing. I can say I had a small piece in teaching John Cena the art in Shakespeare. People think I am throwing shade on him when I say John Cena is very limited as far as move set. He’s a guy who parlayed his skills all the way to the main event, the most decorated champion in WWE history. For John to make that statement about Brock Lesnar, I can’t say he’s wrong.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say the best, he’s not number one on my list but as far a performer goes, right now, today, on the roster, in my opinion, Brock Lesnar is the most believable guy on our roster today in 2020, bar none,” Booker T said. “If anybody wants to challenge me on that, do so. The most believable athlete walking out of that curtain. He makes you believe it, you want more of it even if you don’t want more.”

Booker T also gave his opinion about Lesnar’s performance in the Rumble match, and how beating Lesnar can turn someone into a bigger star.

“Brock Lesnar going out and performing in the Rumble, man it was awesome,” Booker T said. “It was definitely a sight to see that you’re going to remember, you’re going to remember that [Royal] Rumble. No matter who Brock Lesnar wrestles from this day, I don’t care if it’s 5 years from now, if and when that guy beats Brock Lesnar, the fans go crazy. That’s a moment.

“Brock Lesnar makes the fans feel a certain way, when you can make the fans feel a certain way when they watch you, and the reason why they feel a certain way is very simple, because Brock Lesnar makes it as real as he can on both sides. When he’s beating the crap out of somebody he’s making it look real, when he’s registering he’s registering properly, when he’s hard selling he’s hard selling properly, when he’s dead he’s dead. Brock Lesnar knows the many facets of going out and performing which so many people, that’s the little stuff, the stuff that goes over so many peoples heads. Brock knows exactly what he’s doing, why he’s doing it and then he knows when to do it. You can say whatever you want to say but Brock Lesnar has put his name with those guys, high ranking guys that have played this game very well, you can say man, that dude there that’s the real boy there.”

Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Championship against Ricochet at WWE Super ShowDown on Thursday, February 27. The event will air live on the WWE Network from King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh. New subscribers can sign up for the WWE Network today by clicking here and get their first month for free, which includes WWE Super ShowDown as well as NXT TakeOver: Portland this Sunday.

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