Leave it to Colby Covington to completely go from radio silence to full-blown headline-making allegations with one interview. The former interim UFC welterweight champion did just that recently, declaring his UFC 245 bout with Kamaru Usman as "fixed" and demanding a rematch.

Covington suffered a fifth round TKO defeat vs. Usman for the belt in December. The fight was stopped by referee Marc Goddard, who Covington also took to task during an interview with MMA Fighting.

"It was two against one that (expletive) night, December 14 at UFC 245," Covington said. "It wasn't one-on-one. I got robbed of a one-on-one fair fight. That (expletive) made a clear difference in that fight, and if 'Marty Fakenewsman' didn't have that (expletive) ref, I'd be world champion right now. I'm going to get my (expletive) rematch and it's going to be a different story.

"What could be more wrong and corrupt that somebody could do that? For people to not see that and be clearly not biased about their opinion is absolutely pathetic. Just look at the facts. Look at the video. That fight was fixed, and that was clear enough that they need to do a rematch."

Covington cited several examples during the bout including released audio footage of his corner in which he stated his jaw was broken. "Chaos" says now he did not suffer such an injury.

Usman is expected to defend his title during International Fight Week in July against Jorge Masvidal.

"My next fight should be the automatic rematch with 'Marty Fakenewsman,'" he said. "I'm still America's champ. I'm still Donald Trump's favorite fighter. I'm still the people's champion."