Drew McIntyre spoke with BBC Scotland's The Nine on about how he's looking to become the first Scottish WWE Champion when he gets a crack at Brock Lesnar's title at WrestleMania 36 in April. McIntyre was also asked about his accent, and explained how he had to adjust it so fans could understand him better.

"WrestleMania is our World Cup, it's our FA Cup final," McIntyre said. "There will be 80,000 people there and I have a guaranteed World Title Match. I was the first ever Scottish guy to win the Royal Rumble, the first every British guy to win it and hopefully I'll be the first ever Scottish World Champion."

While living in the States for the past 10 years, McIntyre is still very proud of his roots, especially when it comes to his accent. McIntyre admitted he had to adjust how he talked after getting the "What?" treatment from WWE crowds in the past.

"We have the most difficult accent in the world to understand and I had to adjust it slightly because I was sick of hearing 'What?' for the first four years I was here," McIntyre recalled. "I need the world to understand me when I'm champion, raise the title and say, 'I bloody did it for Scotland.'"

In related news, WWE cameras caught up with McIntyre at last night's live event, McIntyre invited the WWE Universe to join him for all the "claymore parties" he'll be having on the road to WrestleMania.

"Here's an opportunity for to me to send everybody an official invitation to everybody to my claymore parties," McIntyre stated. "That means every week we got the live events, RAW on Monday, I reckon I could get 60 claymores out there, sometimes, multiple times a night. Everybody come along. There will be a guest of honor, I'll kick their head off, and the rest will be a party all night. And this all leads up to April 5."