Drew McIntyre is on the best run of his WWE career, highlighted by him winning last month’s Royal Rumble. He is poised to potentially main event WrestleMania which is something Roman Reigns did four times in a row.

McIntyre was asked about Reigns’ public revelation of Leukemia during an interview with Adi Kfr & EGO TOTAL from Israel.

“Everybody was shocked and upset. He is no longer Roman Reigns, he is Joe the family man, the husband and father. Nobody cared about the wrestling part just about his health and that is all that mattered,” stated McIntyre. “During his time away, we got updates. We were all very positive and he stayed positive all the time. When he came back, we talked about that fighting spirit, that drive and that warrior blood. After I was in the ring with him, he didn’t miss one step.”

McIntyre was with WWE for seven years before departing in 2014. He then returned in 2017 as a new man with a new mindset. He talked about how that time away from WWE was beneficial to him.

“My time outside the WWE was essential to become the performer I am today. I had a lot of growth to do as a person, as a wrestler and as a sports entertainer. The time away from the company gave me opportunity and the perspective that I didn’t maximize my time in the WWE,” admitted McIntyre. “I grew up in the WWE, I was so in the bubble that I forgot how it is to be outside. I took a step back, I started to be outside. I have started to put the pieces together and figure out who I was and learned how to become a main event performer. I have worked on my performance and my look, and I started to get myself ready to fulfill my potential.”

During his time away, McIntyre worked for various promotions both in the United States and the United Kingdom. When he made his return, he thought that NXT was the first place he should go so he actually asked WWE to allow him to go there first.

“I had the chance to help companies outside the WWE, but when I came to NXT the time was right to come back. NXT was the right place to go because the fans know what happens outside the company, they are very knowledgeable and knew who Drew McIntyre is. To be a champion over there meant a lot to me because I had the chance to lead that brand, to lead that locker room,” stated McIntyre.

McIntyre is slated to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 but there are many others who he is looking forward to stepping in the ring against. He talked about the one guy who he’s been trying to wrestle for years, but their schedules just never allowed it to happen.

“There are a few, but the number one guy who I keep missing over the years ? we are like ships crossing each other over the night ? we missed the chance on IMPACT and the independent scene. Promoters are trying to book this match for a long time, but for some reason or another I couldn’t make it, he couldn’t make it. When I came back to Raw he was on SmackDown. Now we are both on Raw, and that would be AJ Styles,” said McIntyre. “I don’t think, I know we could have great matches and do a lot of cool things together. It’s been years coming so I am looking forward for it.”