Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Young Bucks: Killing the Business From Backyards to the Big Leagues book is now available for pre-order.

* Matt and Nick traveling to Dynamite. Matt asks Brandon Cutler to grab an Uber for them. He asks Matt if he can get it this time, he’s recording and it’s tough to do. Matt then makes fun of Brandon’s “boo-boo face” and turns the camera around on Cutler. Matt then asks him to order the Uber.

* Orange Cassidy watches Kris Statlander try to lace her wrestling boots. She can’t seem to get it, so he takes one and throws it, hitting someone. She hands him the other boot and he tosses it at the guy again.

* Matt and Nick checking out State Farm Arena before Dynamite in Atlanta. The brothers then get to see the figures for the first time. Kenny Omega and Cody then gets to see his figure.

* In the locker room, Matt is worried that they forgot their costumes for Dynamite. Nick isn’t worried though, he knows magic. He asks Matt for some money, Matt gives him some Young Bucks dollars. Nick throws the money at the camera and Matt’s pants look like the dollars. Omega walks in and says he needs gear too, Nick throws the money at Omega and he gets wrestling pants too.

* Christopher Daniels tries to pump up Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky. The two don’t seem too interested in what Daniels has to say. Sky accuses Daniels of joining Dark Order. Kazarian does the same. When Daniels look back at Sky, he has a Dark Order Mask on, as does Kazarian. Daniels says it can’t be, he looks down and is wearing a Dark Order shirt. Daniels then wakes up in his hotel room, still wearing a Dark Order shirt. He then really wakes up and the shirt is gone.

* John Silver talks with Alex Reynolds about how he wasn’t originally interested in joining the Dark Order, but thanks to that decision they could potentially have a shot at the tag titles. Reynolds says the Exalted One’s main priority is to eliminate SCU in the match. Silver asks if he’s met the Exalted One, Reynolds says no, but he’s coming.

* Tony Schiavone bumps into Matt, who says he wants to pick Tony’s brain a bit. Tony says he didn’t know Matt wanted to get into the announcing business, but Matt was talking about the barista business as he reveals his apron. Matt wants to get all of Tony’s cooking tips. Tony then says he gets it, this is from Britt Baker’s promo and gets a bit annoyed saying he had to work at Starbucks to make ends meet. He tells Matt to go to hell…straight to hell.

* Nyla Rose asks Michael Nakazawa where Justin Roberts is. She then finds Roberts and asks him to change up how he announces her, but he just keeps saying the same introduction over and over. She gets mad and leaves, punching Nakazawa in the stomach on the way out.

* Matt works on a new coffee for Cutler to try. Cutler gives it a try and says it’s pretty good, actually it’s really good.

* At the NY Toy Fair, Kenny Omega talks about his upcoming 30-Minute Ironman Match against PAC. Omega says normally we’d see a montage of him working out, but he’s being working out mentally for the match, and rehabbing physically. Clips shown of Omega rehabbing.

* Cutler holds a “Best Coffee in AEW” sign, Kip Sabian heads out of Matt’s office as Leva Bates and Peter Avalon walk up. Bates tries it and says it’s amazing, Avalon calls Cutler a loser for selling coffee. Cutler then brings up Avalon losing a match that same night. Avalon says Cutler is at eight losses, Cutler responds that Avalon is at nine. They bicker a bit. Christopher Daniels looks out from Matt’s office and says the coffee is good.

* Matt and Nick in the airport as they head to the NY Toy Fair to check out the AEW Unrivaled collection on display.

* Tipsy Page meets up with Omega, who isn’t in a great mood. Omega says going against Matt and Nick isn’t fun, nor are 30-minute Ironman matches. Page says he’s realized he’s been an ass lately, and Omega has been the guy who’s kept it all together. Page says Omega is the best wrestler in the world, Cody is the best talker in the world, and the Young Bucks are the best tag team in the world…then there’s Page. Page says he never felt like he belong with The Elite. Omega tell him to forget this pity party, they are a tag team and Page is one-half champion, and he’s the other half.

He tells Page he’s gotta stop acting like a kid, stop acting like it’s high school. Omega says he’s not disappointed or anything, but they have big things coming up and he’s counting on Page to help him, and that nobody looks down on him. He continues that he’s looking right at Page and needs his help. Omega tells Page drinking is fine at home, but don’t bring it to work. Page says he’s been taking it out on Matt and Nick, because it’s easier. Page tells Omega they’ve “had a good run.” Omega responds they are “just getting started.” Page laughs and says they didn’t even come up with a tag name before heading off.