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Welcome to Impact Wrestling! We begin the show by showing the second out five match series between Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards!

Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards (Match No. 2 of Best of Five Series)

Edwards comes out of the gate with a running knee. Elgin kicks and strikes Edwards into the corner. Elgin puts Edwards in a foot chokehold. Elgin lands a nasty forearm on Edwards. Edwards comes back with a rolling German suplex. Elgin back elbows Edwards, who is outside on the apron. Edwards fires back with a dragon corkscrew. Elgin sends Edwards to the outside. Elgin makes his way out. He lifts Edwards up and pops him up top on the apron. They both make it back into the ring. Edwards is trying to get the strength to fight back. As he is about to strike, Elgin counters with another lethal forearm. Elgin sends Edwards down with a dragon suplex, followed by a clothesline. Elgin covers, Edwards kicks out at 2. Elgin sits Edwards up on the top rope. Edwards attempts a sunset bomb, but Elgin shuts that down. Elgin flies off the middle rope, Edwards kicks him midair. Edwards with a clothesline, followed by a blue thunder bomb. Elgin goes to the outside and Edwards follows him with a dive. Edwards sits Elgin up on the top rope, Edwards climbs up. Elgin tries to fight back, Edwards counters and sends him down on the mat. Edwards runs over for the cover, Elgin kicks out at 2.8. Elgin wraps up Edwards arm and locks in a crossface. Edwards rolls backward. Edwards with a short German suplex. Elgin ducks the Boston Knee Party sends Edwards into the turnbuckle. Elgin with the Elgin Bomb, cover, he picks up his second win in the series.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Elgin is now 2-0 in the series.

After, we see a video package of what led Jordynne Grace to become the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship. She will face Taya Valkyrie for the title tonight!

Backstage: Gabby Loren is standing outside of Valkyrie’s locker room to get a word with her before her match tonight. Loren asks if she is ready to defend her title tonight. Valkyrie is appalled that she would ask such a question like that – she is always ready. She says no one believed that she could achieve what she has in Impact, and each time, she has proven them wrong. So tonight, she is going to do this all by herself.

Up next, Madman Fulton and DAGA will continue their fight from last week.

Madman Fulton vs. DAGA

Daga runs around Fulton. Fulton keeps tripping after him. Fulton grabs Daga’s face, Daga counters with a slap. Fulton grabs Daga midair and tries to go for a powerbomb, Daga reverses and sends Fulton to the outside. He follows it up with a middle rope dive. Back from the break, Daga rolls off of Fulton’s back. Fulton pushes Daga’s head with his boot. Fulton sends Daga into the turnbuckle and drops him right on his head with a dangerous German suplex. Fulton with the cover, Daga kicks out. The fans are all behind Daga. Fulton doesn’t care and sends Daga down on the canvas. Daga gets up and fights back with a dropkick. Daga with a textbook cover, Fulton kicks out. Daga is frustrated and lands a double foot stomp, cover, Fulton kicks out. Fulton with a tight grip on Daga’s neck holds on to him and slams him down on the mat, twice. Fulton with the cover, Daga kicks out at 2. Daga with a second rope German suplex. He doesn’t get too far, as Fulton lands a death valley driver. Dave and Jake Crist make their way out to the ring. Daga takes them out on the outside. Daga comes back into the ring and lands a cutter. Fulton ends the match with a piledriver, cover, Fulton wins.

Winner: Madman Fulton

Backstage: Moose is getting a back massage, trying to prepare for his future match with Rhino. Rhino pretends he is the masseuse and attacks him.

Next, the third match of the night!

Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander) vs. Fallah Bahh (w/ TJP)

Bahh begins with a shoulder tackle and catches Page with a forearm in the corner. Bahh sends Page flying with a belly-to-belly suplex. Alexander tries to attack Bahh on the outside, but Bahh kicks him in time. Bahh Irish Whips Page to the other side, Page goes up and over. Bahh is fired up each time that Page strikes him. Bahh with a Samoan Drop climbs to the middle rope. Alexander pushes him off the ropes. TJP gets involved by taking Alexander out on the outside. Bahh with the small package pin picks up the win!

Winner: Fallah Bahh

Backstage: Father James Mitchell is talking to Havok and runs into Susie. Mitchell is ecstatic to know that she is ok from last week. As she follows Mitchell and Havok, she is now starting to show some traits that Su Yung once had. It looks like Susie and Yung may have now become one.

For those of you who watched this week’s episode on Twitch, this clip was not shown. Su Yung is officially back!

Next, the fourth match of the night!

Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan gets oiled up before the match starts. RVD is disgusted. Ryan tells RVD to “touch it.” RVD pushes Ryan towards the ropes. Forbes runs into the ring and kisses RVD. She then twerks in the middle of the ring. Don Callis is starting to get mad at the referee. Now, the match begins. RVD sends Ryan into the turnbuckle. Ryan with a dropkick, RVD rolls out of the ring to take a breather. Ryan runs to the outside and hits RVD a couple of times before sending him back into the ring. RVD sets Ryan up on the top rope. RVD kicks Ryan right in the face, knocking him off of the rope. RVD goes back out to the outside and makes out with Forbes. Ryan makes his way over and gets in Forbes’ face. Ryan with a low kick sends RVD back into the ring again. RVD with a scissors takedown. RVD accidentally grabs on to “it.” RVD counters the d–k flip. RVD finishes the match with the five-star frog splash. RVD covers Ryan and wins the match.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Up next, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s Magnus (Nick Aldis) vs. Eric Young from 2014.

Backstage: Willie Mack is getting ready for his match and Johnny Swinger lets him know that he’ll be by his side tonight. Mack has a better idea – he wants Swinger to hang out in the back while he has his match.

Willie Mack vs. Shera (w/the Desi Hit Squad)

Shera goes all out on Mack as the match starts. Mack fires back with multiple strikes. Rohit Raju runs into the ring and attacks Mack. The referee calls for the bell. Swinger makes his way down to the ring to help Mack. This match has now become a tag team match and it will start after the commercial break!

Willie Mack and Johnny Swinger vs. Desi Hit Squad (Shera and Rohit Raju)

Back from the break, mayhem has broken out between these two teams. Shera and Swinger are the legal men. Shera puts on a tight grip on Swinger. Shera tags in Raju. After some double teamwork, Shera tags himself back in. Mack steps into the ring and takes Raju out with a big right hand. Raju runs back into the ring. Mack drops Raju on to the canvas and lands a standing moonsault. Mack superkicks Raju out of the ring again. Swinger tags himself in. Gama Singh pulls Mack out of the ring. Shera ends the match with a sit-down powerbomb. The Desi Hit Squad wins.

Winners: Desi Hit Squad

Backstage: Loren interviews Blanchard about her upcoming match with Ace Austin at Sacrifice. Loren asks if she is prepared for Austin’s mind games. Blanchard says that for months, she has dealt with Sami Callihan and his mind games, so she is ready for what Austin is going to bring. Austin interrupts the interview and throws out a few insults, including how he likes girls that have daddy issues. Blanchard starts hitting Austin and several guys from the roster break them apart.

As Josh Mathews and Callis are running through the card for next week, Callihan hacks into the show and tells the viewers to scan the code and join his new group. Mathews apologizes for the technical difficulty.

And now, the main event!

Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) for the Knockouts Championship

Valkyrie takes the lead and kicks, strikes, and sends Grace into the turnbuckle. Bravo on the outside is choking Grace with a dog leash. Back from the break, Valkyrie puts Grace in a foot chokehold. As Valkyrie distracts the referee, Bravo chokes Grace with the dog leash again. Grace gets back up and lands a German Suplex. Next, Grace lands a dive on the outside. Grace climbs up to the top rope and Bravo pushes her off. Bravo again grabs hold of Grace while Valkyrie distracts the referee. Grace counters with a spinebuster. Both women go back-and-forth, exchanging forearms. Grace slams Valkyrie down, cover, Valkyrie kicks out at 2. On the apron, Valkyrie slams Grace on top of the steel stairs. Valkyrie steps out of the ring and drags Grace by her hair up towards the ramp. Valkyrie lands the Road to Valhalla on the stage. She heads back to the ring, while Grace is crawling back towards the ring. Grace makes it back into the ring in time. Valkyrie goes for the cover once Grace is inside, Grace kicks out at 2. Grace pulls Valkyrie off of the ropes. Grace grabs Valkyrie and sets her up for the muscle buster, lands it, and goes for the cover. Valkyrie kicks out. Valkyrie locks Grace up in a cross arm maneuver. Grace reverses it into a crossface. Valkyrie grabs hold of the bottom rope. Grace sets Valkyrie up with the Grace Driver, lands it, cover, Bravo interferes with the count. Grace heads towards the top rope, Bravo lays on top of Valkyrie to protect her. Grace lands on top of both of them. Grace lands the Grace Driver one last time. Cover, 1-2-3, Grace has now become the new Knockouts Champion!

Winner: Jordynne Grace

That concludes this week’s episode. Here’s a sneak peek for what’s to come on next week’s episode: