Dash Wilder, Jim Cornette and others are discussing belts vs. championships on social media today.

The discussion started when Sam Roberts responded to a tweet on rapper Drake sporting a WWE Title belt at a Toronto Raptors NBA game this week.

“Belts hold up your pants. Those are championships,” Roberts wrote.

Wilder of The Revival responded and insisted that legendary pro wrestlers call them belts – championship belts.

“No, they’re belts. Just like every legendary PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER I’ve ever watched said. Championship belt,” Wilder responded in a tweet to Roberts.

Wilder’s tweet is seen by some as a potential shot at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and one of the reported rules he’s had in place for several years. Cornette responded and backed up those claims, saying Vince doesn’t like the word “belt” being used.

Cornette wrote, “They’re f–king belts, and it’s a shame even uneducated rasslers think they’re ‘titles’ because Vince thinks the word ‘belt’ is too ‘rasslin’. Here’s to the Revival for having enough restraint not to choke a sumb—h who calls a belt a ‘title’.”

WWE announcer Aiden English also chimed in and tried to lighten things up. He wrote, “You want old school word ‘belts’ …he wants the corporate word ‘title’ — can we just invent a new one? …Championship Bandoliers?”

You can see the full exchange below, with comments from Wilder, Cornette, Roberts and English: