Jim Ross On If WWE Would Ever Ask Women To Get Breast Implants

WWE Hall of Famer Lita's path to greatness started with a trip to Mexico in the late 90's where she was determined to learn the business. She trained with some of the greatest Lucha Libre stars in Mexico before eventually arriving in ECW debuting as the girlfriend to Danny Doring.

Legendary wrestler, Terry Funk took notice and invited her to train at his school where she excelled as the only female in the class. It did not take long for WWE to take notice of the skills Lita possessed and the rest is history.

On his 'Grilling JR' podcast, Jim Ross discussed the WWE's interest in Lita, her rise to fame, and her looks, with Conrad Thompson.

Thompson asked Ross what it was that got the attention of the WWE initially.

Ross replied, "Her look. Her athleticism. Hurricanrana's and all the other fancy named Latin and Mexican moves. She was just really athletic and fearless. I thought she had enormous sex appeal."

JR went on to explain why that appeal was different than what WWE fans were used to seeing and also if the company forced Lita to have plastic surgery to enhance that appeal even further.

Ross said, "She wasn't a blonde. She was different. When I first met her, she had not had her breast augmentation, which was totally her call and not ours. That contributed to her look, but she just had 'IT' and could connect to the audience.

"Her looks, her body English, she just connected with you and that was part of her magic I thought."

Thompson wanted to follow up on the plastic surgery comment from JR and he asked, "Have you or the company ever suggested that talent have an augmentation?"

Ross replied, "Nope. Sure didn't. Didn't step in that territory because you are defenseless if something goes awry. It's got to be a personal decision by the talent. If they believe it will enhance their TV persona and their overall look, then that is going to be their call.

"Now if they needed time off or some money to help, then we had done those types of things, but that was always based on the talent's decision. It wasn't my place to tell someone to get a boob job."

Ross also recalled an early meeting with Lita where he took notice of her body art.

"She came to see me in my office and she was wearing this really cool business suit. It was either lime green or light blue. I said 'by the way, what's that little tattoo you got on your arm?'. It wasn't little.

"I was curious about it, whether it meant something. Maybe the artwork had significance or meaning that we could utilize."

Lita went on to be a 4-time WWE Women's Champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

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