Jon Moxley talked with SportsKeeda's Rick Ucchino before his title match against AEW World Champion Chris Jericho on tonight's Revolution PPV in Chicago.

"Chris Jericho is arguably hotter than he's ever been, and that's really saying something considering Chris Jericho's career," Moxley said. "I think he's not just trying to be good every week he's trying to be the greatest of all time. And like I said I've been running through competition; killing dudes—you're getting the best version of Chris Jericho and the best version of Jon Moxley at the same time and something's gotta give, somebody's gotta go down."

Back in 2016 at WWE Money in the Bank, Moxley (fka WWE's Dean Ambrose) won and cashed in his opportunity on Seth Rollins to win the WWE Championship. Moxley felt most of all "relived" to have finally checked that box off in his wrestling career.

"Best way I can describe it ... it was a giant sense of relief," Moxley recalled. "I had been pushing the boulder up to the top of the hill and had it roll all the way back down so many times and I felt like I disappointed so many fans by failing to win the Title so many times—once I finally was able to check that box and get that thing ... the biggest feeling honestly was relief."

When it comes to potentially winning the AEW World Championship later tonight, Moxley said it's a different situation that he expects to feel even greater than winning the title in WWE.

"This, I feel, will be a far greater feeling," Moxley stated. "You know this is me, on my own, doing things my way. Totally different situation. Not even a comparable situation—as good as a night as that was."

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