NXT North American Champion Keith Lee joined this week’s WWE Backstage to talk about his moment with Brock Lesnar at this year’s Royal Rumble, facing Roman Reigns at last year’s Survivor Series, and CM Punk picking him to win the rumble.

In regards to Lesnar, Lee called the match-up at the rumble, “intense.”

“It was intense,” Lee began. “When you get in the ring with someone that is a specimen like that, you have no choice but to feel it. For me, competition is something that excites me.”

At Survivor Series, it came down to Roman Reigns versus Lee with Reigns picking up the victory. Lee felt like this moment helped set the tone for what was to come for him in the months to come.

“That day was obviously just as intense, a day where I didn’t really know what was going on, being one of the last three to be in that match,” Lee said. “Quite the squabble with Roman Reigns, the first person to kick out of the spirit bomb for crying out loud, then speared me out of my boots and onto my neck, but that moment there, that set the tone for me. After that was over with, he told me, straight up, ‘I want a one-on-one match with you.'”

Before this year’s Royal Rumble, CM Punk predicted on WWE Backstage that Keith Lee would win it all. Lee said it awesome to have those who he’s respected give him praise for his work.

“Something like that is really hard to process for me, clearly, someone I haven’t met?at the end of the day when you hear something like that from people you’ve never met,” Lee began. “When you meet these people and you realize how much they view you and where they view you, and the respect that have for you, it’s such a touching experience to know that what you do is something that’s respected by people that you’ve have studied and admired for you career. It’s awesome.”

Finally, Lee was asked about his dream match and he initially went with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. Since Angle is now retired, Lee then picked Cesaro for his opponent.

You can check out Lee’s full comments in the clips below.

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