Killer Kross Signed For "Something Big" In WWE?

As noted, WWE has been airing intentional glitches during recent SmackDown on FOX broadcasts. There are lots of rumors on who could be behind the glitches, with fans speculating on everyone from Killer Kross to Mustafa Ali to WWE Universal Champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt.

Regarding the speculation on Kross, Dave Meltzer noted on the Sunday Night's Main Event podcast that there could be something to the Kross speculation as when WWE signed Kross, word was that he was signed for "something big" and not your typical journey through WWE NXT to the main roster, but apparently a significant program on the main roster. Meltzer also said Kross will not be facing John Cena at WrestleMania 36 as he specifically asked a source if that was a planned match, and he was told no.

WWE announced back on February 5 that Kross and Timothy Thatcher had reported to the WWE Performance Center to begin training under their WWE NXT deals. Kross' girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux is also in NXT.

Kross responded to one fan who commented on the glitches and his possible involvement, and responded with another teaser. Kross has been posting teasers for his WWE arrival since his signing was announced.

Kross responded, "You never really know until you know. Never be sure unless you're D E A D sure. [X emoji]"

He wrote in another teaser tweet, "Do you know of the old tales? Crossing The River Of Death? Styx & Acheron? Paying The Ferryman his due? You will know them WELL in due time. [X emoji] #KrossCult"

Stay tuned for updates on the mystery SmackDown storyline and WWE's plans for Kross. You can see some of the related tweets below: