Kurt Angle On NXT Still Being Developmental, Why NXT Talent Gets More Freedom Than Main Roster

While NXT is WWE's developmental brand, many fans see the NXT brand as being on par or even better than Raw or SmackDown. Those fans point to the quality of the matches as being superior to those on the main brands and thus see it as a better product.


Kurt Angle clarified why NXT matches are so different than those on Raw or SmackDown in an interview with Sportskeeda.

"I think NXT is a great brand. I think Triple H has done an incredible job with that. But you know what? It is still the 'training ground' for RAW and SmackDown," stated Angle. "These guys might have a little more leeway than the guys on RAW and SmackDown. They get more time in their matches than the guys on RAW and SmackDown. If you watch any NXT TakeOver, every match is 30 minutes. Guys and girls on RAW and SmackDown, they don't get that kind of time so I wouldn't say they are the better product, I would say they have more freedom on what they want to do."

That freedom that talent has in NXT is one of the reasons why many Superstars prefer staying down there as opposed to moving to the main roster.


"But when you get up to the big show, you've got to make the time cues and you've got to listen to your boss. You have to do things specifically and I don't think that NXT has to do that. That's probably the reason why a lot of the guys want to stay there and I don't blame them for that," admitted Angle.

"But would I say it's a better product? No, not by any means but I would say that they are doing an excellent job and Triple H has done an unbelievable job of making that an entity – basically a product of its own. It could survive on its own. So it has become huge and there are a lot of fans that follow it."