Matt Hardy Possibly Going To WWE NXT Soon?

Could Matt Hardy be headed to work the WWE NXT brand?

There has been recent talk of Matt possibly working the NXT brand in some capacity, according to PWInsider. There's no word yet on if Matt would be working behind-the-scenes or as a talent, or both, but there's been at least some talk of the RAW Superstar going to NXT if he were to stay with the company.


WWE officials have reportedly made a lot of overtures to Matt in the past few weeks, in an attempt to get him to stay with the company.

Matt's WWE contract is scheduled to expire on Sunday, March 1. It was reported earlier this year that the "major hurdle" in contract talks was related to creative, not money or anything like that. It will be interesting to see if WWE allows Matt to bring his "Broken" character to NXT, while bringing his veteran expertise to the brand to help the up & coming Superstars.

Hardy, who has been teasing signing with virtually every top wrestling promotion on social media lately, posted the tweet below with a not-so-veiled reference to NXT. Stay tuned for updates on Matt's WWE future as we get closer to March 1.