Matt Hardy Thanks Randy Orton And Says He Will Reveal His Next Rebirth Soon, Matt Reacts To AEW Sign

As seen above, Matt Hardy has released another cryptic video to his personal YouTube channel, which is fueling the rumors on his future in the world of pro wrestling.

Still wearing a neck brace from the first RAW beatdown by Randy Orton earlier this month, Matt talked about how he felt "truly unkillable" but he had to go back and prove it to himself. Matt originally called Orton out for turning on WWE Hall of Famer Edge a few weeks back. It was believed then that WWE had Matt beat down to write him off TV for good, but he was brought back for the most recent angle, in part because the first segment did so well in the ratings. Matt said he had to see if he was "truly unkillable" and that's when he decided to return to RAW in Everett, WA this past Monday to confront Orton again. Matt's in-character videos often reference some of his real-life situations.

"I got on a flight and flew to Everett, and confronted The Legend Killer, and was ready to fight," Matt said. "Now don't get me wrong, I knew going in still injured, I had no chance of winning a battle against one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of the industry, but I had to see... I had to see if Randy Orton could kill me off, if he could end me. If you watched it, you saw me when he was getting in the ring. I said, 'Finish me! Finish me! Finish Me! Finish me!' I had to know and I was a victim of another vicious assault. I was the victim of a violent assassination, but Randy Orton didn't kill me. It bought me a trip to the hospital and now I'm home, and I'm speaking, and breathing, and I'm recuperating, but I am alive. I'm truly unkillable!"

Matt then did a brief transformation on the video, apparently calling on his "Broken" character and letting that version take over. Matt thanked Orton (or Randal Keith Orton) for helping him transform into his next version, for helping him bury The Hardy Boys' vision of Matt Hardy, and said we will find out about that rebirth in a few days.

"How long did you think a medical facility could detain an abomination like me?," Matt continued. "Yes, Brother Keith, Killah of Legends, yes. Oddly enough, I will say thank you because without your violent assassination, yes, my transformation couldn't have been complete. We had to bury, we had to witness the burial of The Hardy Boys' vision of Matt Hardy.

"But as I sit here in my beloved Chair of Wheels on the magical Hardy Compound, yes, we are now only a matter of days away from the rebirth, the reincarnation, the resurrection of my essence. We're only a few days away from the second coming of the new and omnipotent version of Matt Hardy."

There's no word yet on what the "Omnipotent Version" of Matt will consist of, but it's still believed that Matt's WWE contract will expire on Sunday, March 1. Matt will not be under a non-compete clause with WWE, and will be free to appear for any other promotion after that. Matt continues to be rumored for AEW, but there's no update on if that's where he's headed. Matt's reference to "a matter of days away" could refer to Monday's RAW or March 1, or some other upcoming date.

Matt fueled speculation on possibly having a role with The Dark Order in AEW with the voice change in the video above. On a related note, Matt tweeted screenshots of a fan sign that said "Free The Delete" during Wednesday's AEW Dynamite episode.

"YEAAAAASSSS! #FreeTheDELETE," he wrote in response to the fan signs. You can see that tweet below.

Stay tuned for updates on Matt's future as we get closer to March 1.