Matt Morgan Talks What He Misses About Wrestling, If He'd Return To The Ring

WINC Podcast contributor, former WWE and TNA star, and now Mayor of Longwood, Florida, "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan was recently featured in an interview with FOX 35 Orlando.

Morgan has traded in the spotlight of performing in front of wrestling fans for a career in politics, but he said that there are parts of the wrestling business that he still misses. The former TNA Tag Team Champion and American Gladiators star said that he misses the charity portion of the business.

"The thing that I think I miss the most when I look back on my wrestling career is the charity portion of being on the road and going to give kids motivational speeches in their schools," Morgan stated. "You're a role model! Those kids look at you like a comic book hero or comic book villain depending on your character."

After retiring in March of last year, when asked if a ring return was a possibility Morgan said that there are more important things for him to be concerned with now.

"I'll tell them when they say that to me, 'Guys, what I'm doing now is 10 times more important,'" Morgan said. "Not to take away from any professional wrestler, what they do is really, really cool and they are role models, but I'll argue that it's what you do with it once you leave that can be even more telling and be even bigger."

You can watch the entire interview with Matt Morgan in the video below.