Mikey Whipwreck was the first Triple Crown champion in ECW history and he now helps teach the next generation of pro wrestling stars. He talked about the importance of wrestling seminars in teaching wrestlers when Andy Malnoske spoke to him in an interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

“I think it’s important because now the business has changed so much. You don’t have the territories and traveling with the veterans as much and getting those 5-6 hours in a car and learning that way,” said Whipwreck. “So for some older guys that come in and have to coach the younger guys in a more intimate setting, I think it helps.”

Outside of a brief stint in WCW, Whipwreck was with ECW for the entirety of its existence. He faced just about everyone who stepped foot into the promotion and he was asked who his best ECW opponent was.

“Either Justin Credible, Little Guido or Steve Austin. I had a couple: Sabu. Spike [Dudley] was fun to work with too. Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm ? the guys that didn’t hurt me. Those were the best ones,” stated Whipwreck.

He then talked more about Austin who originated his Stone Cold persona while passing through ECW in 1995. Whipwreck discussed seeing the evolution of Austin and what made his gimmick so special.

“It was awesome because he was pissed when he came in. He was full of piss and vinegar and Paul said, ‘Here’s the mic. Just go at it.’ He was just being himself and taking a real-life situation and amping it up,” Whipwreck said of Austin joining ECW after being fired by Eric Bischoff. “It was just awesome. That’s Steve really ? down to earth and is a straight shooter. That’s how he is.”

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