MLW Fusion Recap (2/1): MJF Faces Marshall Von Erich, Davey Boy Vs Gotch In A No Ropes Match, Contra

Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills, Texas. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Recap of Contra Unit taking aim at the Hart Foundation. Josef Samael cost former MLW star Teddy Hart the Middleweight championship by throwing a fireball in his face. Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. teamed up to strike back at Contra. This all leads to tonight's showdown between Smith and Simon Gotch in a no-ropes, no pin, match. Promo from Smith. He says the only way Gotch is escaping is by getting knocked out or tapped out. "I want you to pick your execution."

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype the evening's card, which includes a Middleweight title match between Myron Reed and Drago, as well as Marshall Von Erich taking on Dynasty's MJF.

Simon Gotch makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. Josef Samael accompanies him. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is out next. The ring crew has already removed the ropes. Commentary tells us that the rules are simple. No pinfalls, no round breaks. Only way to win is by knockout or submission.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. versus Simon Gotch No Ropes Match

They lock wrists...Smith forces Gotch to the mat and mounts him in half-guard. Gotch shoves Smith out of the ring, which is easy considering there are no ropes. Smith hops back in and they reset. Leg kick from Smith. Gotch sends one right back. Smith locks Gotch by the neck and spins to take him down again. Gator roll. Both men back to their feet...Smith wrenches the arm...Gotch fires off a few knees to Smith's head...Smith shakes them off and slams Gotch hard. Gotch manages to apply a headscissor but Smith escapes and kips-up. Another reset. Smith clearly has the power and wrestling advantage as he gains better positioning on Gotch again and gets into full-guard...huge elbows to Gotch's face. Gotch is able to break free...back and forth exchange...Smith wins the exchange. Gotch surprises Smith with some up-kicks, which knocks the Hart Foundation member down. Doesn't take long for Smith to retake control and lock in an armbar. Samael tries to pull Gotch out of the submission but the referee warns him to move. Another stiff striking exchange...Gotch blocks a suplex and traps Smith in a knee-bar. Smith somehow gets to his feet and deadlifts Gotch into a back suplex. He picks him up...another suplex. Gotch fights out of a third but Smith hits a discus forearm, followed by two more suplexes. Gotch is knocked out. It's over.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. win knockout

Commentary reveals that the MJF and Marshall Von Erich bout will be tonight's main event.

Advertisement for MLW Intimidation Games from Chicago's Cicero Stadium.

Richard Holliday, Alexander Hammerstone, and Gino Medina are hanging out. Hammerstone shares a story of being in Japan, and says that he's getting sponsorship deals, one which is for 10,000 yen. Holliday says that only amounts to $91 American. Regardless...they all try the soda that Hammerstone's terrible. Holliday thinks they could still make some money from it.

Recap of last week's main event between Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc's barbed wire rope match. Bocchini confirms that their match set a new ratings record for MLW on beIN Sports.

Promo from Warner. He says that it's time for Ole Mancer to win some gold. He calls out Hammerstone, and the National Openweight championship.

A mock film called "Filthy Does Dallas" is shown, where Tom Lawlor and new prospect Dominc Garrini parade around Texas. They try on cowboy boots. Garrini buys a Texas belt buckle for his Jiu Jitsu belt.

Injustice makes their way to the ring for Myron Reed's Middleweight title defense. Jordan Oliver cuts a promo and says that everyone in Houston looks the same with their ugly faces and cowboy boots. Kotto Brazil calls the town trash-ass. He'll be facing AAA's Drago, who is out second. Fans are heavily behind Drago.

Myron Reed versus Drago for the MLW Middleweight championship

Drago goes for a lariat...Reed with an athletic escape. Drago makes him pay by kicking him...pace picks up...Drago with a leg-sweep. Middle-rope splash but it has no effect because of Reed's chest protector. Oliver grabs at Drago's ankle giving Reed a chance to take control of the match. Enziguri and springboard lungblower from Reed. Back suplex and slingshot leg drop in succession. Reed plays to the crowd. Drago goes to the apron to recover...he pulls the rope down and Reed lands on Oliver and Brazil, who catch him. Drago takes them all out with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring...Drago and Reed trade strikes...Drago hits a pop-up powerbomb. He sets Reed back up...falling powerbomb for a nearfall. Oliver runs in the ring...Drago superkicks him, then sends Brazil into the barricade. Drago sets Reed up...Oliver distracts the referee and Brazil low blows Drago. Reed lands a springboard 450 for the win.

Myron Reed wins by pinfall to retain the MLW Middleweight Championship

Low Ki is interviewed backstage. He says that not only was he the longest reigning world champion in company history, but he also had the most title defenses. King Mo approaches Low Ki and makes a joke about his real like knockouts. Low Ki doesn't look pleased. This ends the segment.

Contra Unit interrupts the feed. Josef Samael calls the Hart Foundation false idols. He says he's finally found the demise of the Hart Foundation, referring to an unseen death squad. This cuts back to the regular feed where commentary tell us that Air Wolf has been attacked by this death squad, and his match has been canceled.

Video footage of the Von Erichs dominance over MLW since they joined.

Main event time. Tom Lawlor joins Kirsh and Bocchini on commentary for the bout. MJF is out first to a decent ovation. He's accompanied to the ring by Hammerstone and Medina. MJF gets on the mic and says that the Von Erichs could never cut it in professional wrestling, and tonight...another one will go six feet under. Marshall Von Erich is out second to a huge ovation. Referee tosses Hammerstone and Medina from ringside. Here we go.

Marshall Von Erich versus MJF

Tie-up. MJF forces Marshall into the ropes. Neither man will release their grapple grip. They take it to the outside. Grapple still applied as they roll back into the ring. Fans are hot for this one as they applaud the spot. MJF offers to shake Marshall's hand. He takes the bait and MJF kicks him in the gut. Marshall fires back with arm-drags and a flush dropkick. He calls for the claw...MJF quickly slides to the outside. Marshall goes to chop MJF but he ducks and Marshall strikes the ring post. MJF quickly targets the hand, trapping it inside the steel ring post and yanking at the fingers. He stomps, bites, and smashes Marshall's hand off the barricade. Back in the ring...MJF mounts and punches Marshall in the face. Marshall starts landing some offense of his own but MJF pulls him down by the hair for a nearfall.

Marshall hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to create separation. Another dropkick sends MJF to the corner. Running lariats, followed by a summersault. Marshall sends MJF off the ropes...pop-up powerslam. Cover...MJF just kicks out. Marshall calls for the claw again...MJF hides behind the referee...he's traps Marshall in his signature armbar. Marshall in trouble...he somehow gets to the ropes to break the hold. Big boot from Marshall, followed by a gorgeous moonsault for a two count. Dynasty runs out to distract Marshall...MJF with a school boy...he puts his feet on the ropes...referee sees it...this leads to Marshall locking in the claw. MJF taps!

Marshall Von Erich wins by submission

Tom Lawlor is incredibly unhappy with the match result. He tries to sneak behind Marshall with a chair but Marshall sees him. Dynasty goes to attack Marshall but he gets the better of them! Crowd is going crazy for their Texas boy. He stands tall.

That's the show friends.