Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills, Texas. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

A recap of Contra Units ongoing feud with the Hart Foundation. Josef Samael says he's going to finalize the tragedy that looms over the family. Last week Josef Samael introduced the Contra death squad. This is all to hype up this evening's main event, which sees Jacob Fatu defending the heavyweight championship against Brian Pillman Jr. Samael says that tonight is the night that Pillman dances with destiny.

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They run down the evening's card, which includes a street fight featuring Richard Holliday and Savio Vega.

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor makes his way to the ring as the crowd reigns down boos. He steps into the ring and mocks the Von Erichs by imitating their famous Iron-Claw. Lawlor gets on the mic and addresses the Texas crowd, calling them the Von Erich country. "It's great to be back among family isn't it." Lawlor reveals that he's wearing a Von Erich t-shirt. Fans scream for him to take it off. He does, but first spits on it and rubs it off his crotch before tossing it into the crowd. Lawlor goes on to say that his Team Filthy dojo is once again open for business. "I went and I found some real athletes. Some real fighters." He introduces Dominic Garrini. He'll be facing the luchadore Zenshi.

Dominic Garrini versus Zenshi

Zenshi shows off his athleticism by evading Garrini. He arm-drags him across the ring. Garrini asks for a test of strength...Garrini wins the exchange and powers Zenshi to the mat. Wristlock applied...Zenshi uses the ropes to reverse the hold but Garrini keeps wrist control. Garrini transitions into an ankle-hold. Zensi lands on his feet after a German suplex attempt...he and Garrini have a staredown as they both reset. Zenshi calls Garrini to ground wrestle with him. Pop-up frankensteiner from Zenshi with pin...Garrini escapes and quickly locks in a modified armbar. Zenshi gets to the ropes and Garrini releases the hold. Dropkick to the face by Zenshi. Cover...only two. A pair of sentons from Zenshi.

He goes for a standing shooting star...Garrini catches him in a triangle hold. He begins to target Zenshi's arm, wearing it out for an eventual submission attempt. Zenshi snapmares Garrini away and traps him in the corner...summersault dropkick connects. Zenshi climbs to the top...Garrini crotch drops him...he puts Zenshi on his shoulders but the lucha star headscissors them both to ringside. Back in the ring...Zenshi climbs to the top once again...Garrini has Zenshi's maneuver scouted and stomps the arm. A medic comes in to check on Zenshi but Garrini continues to attack him anyway. Armbar locked in. He taps. Referee calls for the bell in favor of Garrini.

Dominic Garrini wins due to referee stoppage

Afterwards the medic and ref attend to Zenshi as Lawlor and Garrini cut a promo in-ring. Garrini is asked by Alicia Atout whether he took thigns too far. Lawlor says that Garrini did nothing wrong. "We are martial artists. From now on...Team Filthy shows no mercy."

Brian Pillman Jr. is shown entering the building with Davey Boy Smith Jr. They are attacked by members of the Contra death squad. They try and fight them off just as Fusion goes to a commercial.

Advertisement for MLW Intimidation Games...coming to Chicago's Cicero Stadium.

Flashback to last week when Marshall Von Erich defeated MJF. Earlier today...Dynasty's Alexander Hammerstone, Gino Medina, and MJF spoke with Alicia Atout. They try and do their bit on Holliday's father being a lawyer but Medina once again messes it up. Hammerstone says that MLW is afraid of Holliday's father. They reveal that there will be an MLW episode produced by Dynasty. Hammerstone promises that it will be the highest rated show of all time. Medina says he will book himself to face Septimo Dragon, Hammerstone will battle Aerostar, and MJF and Holliday will challenge the Von Erichs for the MLW tag titles.

Back to the arena...Richard Holliday makes his way out for his showdown with Savio Vegas. MJF goes to join the commentary table. Vega is out second, carrying his Caribbean championship. Here we go.

Richard Holliday versus Savio Vega

Vega and Holliday talk some trash before locking up. Tie-up. Holliday traps Vega in the corner...referee separates them and they reset. Second tie-up. Holliday with a headlock. Commentary tells us that the building is on lockdown because of the Contra death squad. Vega gives Holliday his own headlock. Vega gets bounced off the ropes...Holliday hits a dropkick. Another reset. Holliday lands a flurry of strikes and stomps Vega down in the corner. Vega flies out of the corner with a lariat. Another one sends Holliday over the top rope to ringside. Vega in quick pursuit...he smashes Holliday's head off the apron.

Holliday retakes control and sends Vega's head off the apron. That wakes Vega up, who connects with some stiff strikes. Back in the ring...Holliday elbows Vega in the face but Vega fires right back with hammer fists. Huge chops to Holliday in the corner. Arm-ringer and side kick from Vega for a nearfall. Holliday ducks a lariat, then evades the Caribbean kick. He takes advantage by hitting the final cut for the win.

Richard Holliday wins by pinfall

Afterwards Holliday steals Vega's Caribbean's title. They leave ending the segment.

Backstage...Davey Boy tells Pillman that he has his back to make sure no one interferes in his match. The Von Erichs come up and tell the Hart Foundation that they also will protect him, with Ross giving Pillman some personal advice from his time in the ring with world champion Jacob Fatu.

A vignette for Killer Kross is played. He will be making his MLW debut in the next few weeks. (This was taped prior to his signing with WWE).

Advertisement for MLW's annual Battle Riot event, this year from Philadelphia. Commentary plays us the video of MLW's new partnership with Dragon Gate wrestling. This is followed up by the announcement of MLW's supershow with the lucha libre promotion AAA.

Dynasty's episode of MLW Fusion will take place next week. The card is revealed, including Hammerstone defending the National Openweight title against Aerostar, and Holliday and MJF getting their rematch with the Von Erichs for the tag titles.

A quick interview with Mance Warner. He's asked about Dynasty. He calls them assholes. "That's pretty close to the point," says Atout. Segment ends.

Cut to Zenshi. He says that he was trying to have a respectful clashing of styles match with Garrini, but he made it personal, and now all he wants is revenge.

A look at the legacy of the MLW Heavyweight championship,followed by the tale of the tape. That means...it's main event time. Brian Pillman Jr. is out first. The champion, Jacob Fatu is out next, accompanied as always by Josef Samael. No other members of Contra are in sight at the moment. Here we go.

Jacob Fatu versus Brian Pillman Jr for the MLW Heavyweight championship

Tie-up. Fatu traps Pillman in the corner and rag-dolls him across the ring. Pillman lands a few shots but Fatu is just too strong. He splashes him in the corner, then sends him across to the other side of the ring. Huge strikes. Pillman boots Fatu...he goes for a sunset flip...Fatu blocks it and goes for a senton...Pillman moves...he builds up momentum...running PK. Pillman unloads a flurry of chops and kicks. He comes off the ropes...Fatu slows him with a big chop. Fatu talks some trash to those in the front row, then whips Pillman hard into the turnbuckles. He charges...Pillman hits an elbow.

He goes for a middle-rope crossbody but Fatu catches him...swinging uranagi. Fatu locks in the nerve-lock on Pillman's shoulder. Fans try to rally Pillman back into the match...he creates separation with a jawbreaker. Huge forearms...Pillman rocks Fatu with a superkick. Flying crossbody lands this time. A clip of the death squad brawling with Davey Boy and the Von Erichs. Meanwhile Pillman hits a springboard lariat. He climbs...Injustice runs out to distract Pillman...he takes them out with a crossbody. Myron Reed comes out of nowhere and nails Pillman with his chest protector. He throws Pillman inside...Fatu hits the top rope moonsault. Another one. That'll do it.

Jacob Fatu wins by pinfall to retain the MLW Heavyweight championship

Replay of the match is shown. Pillman is being helped to the back by the match official. Samael and Fatu celebrate in the ring and wave the black flag of Contra.

That's the show friends.