Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of NJPW New Beginning in Osaka from Osaka-Jo Hall in Osaka, Japan. Live coverage will begin early Sunday at 2 am ET (11 pm PT, for those on the west coast) and will stream on NJPW World and FITE.

Manabu Nakanishi, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima and Yuji Nagata vs. Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma, Toa Henare and Ryusuke Taguchi

Taguchi and Tenzan get things started, but Taguchi calls out Nakanishi. The two tie up, Taguchi powered back to the corner, chopped. Taguchi hits a hip attack, does nothing, tries again and takes a double ax handle. Tenzan tagged in, double team chops and back elbows. Nakanishi with a splash to Taguchi's back. Nagata tags in, as does Henare. Lots of strikes, Henare with a shoulder tackle, Nagata lock applied to Henare, but things break down as Nagata gets ambushed by the opposing team.

Honma gets into the match, chop in the corner, back elbow, cover, two. Makabe tags in, lands some elbows, Nagata with an exploder and tags in Nakanishi. He takes out the whole opposing team, forearms and chops to Makabe. Nakanishi pumps up the crowd, hits double clothesline on Makabe and Honma. He looks for a neckbreaker, but Taguchi tries to kick him down, no luck. Four submissions are locked in, but Makabe rakes the eyes of Nakanishi to get out of it. Each throw big clotheslines in the middle of the ring, both fall down. Honma and Satoshi get in the match. Satoshi with machine gun chops in the corner.

Running forearm in the corner, runs into a kick, Honma with a body slam, diving headbutt, cover, broken up by Tenzan and Nagata. Satoshi holds Honma as Nakanishi heads to the top rope and hits a big chops to the head. Satoshi with a lariat on Honma, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Manabu Nakanishi, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima and Yuji Nagata via Pinfall

- Post-match, Nakanishi gets on the mic and thanks the fans for coming. Says 27 years ago he got his start and that he was absolutely terrible, but the fans always supported him and thanks to them. Nakanishi has four matches left before he'll be returning and will give everything he has in them. Finishes that NJPW will continue to new heights without him.

SHO & YOH with Rocky Romero (c) vs. El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship)

Things get off to a fast start, SHO and Desperado get things going. Back and forth strikes until YOH is brought into the match. Desperado takes a drop toehold, low drop kick. Commentary putting over SHO is banged up, moving slower than usual. Action spills out to the floor, Kanemaru with a leg drop down on YOH over the barricade. Desperado gets a chair and whacks SHO's legs a couple times. Referee starting up his 20-count. Desperado beating up YOH. SHO limps back into the ring at 19.

Kanemaru with a dropkick to the knee and is really focusing on SHO's leg, applying a stretch muffler. Kanemaru stomps down on his left leg, then tagging in Desperado. Drops down on the leg and then locks in the single leg boston crab, but SHO gets to the rope to break the hold, but Desperado holds on a bit longer. YOH finally gets into the match and goes on a bit of a run. Back and forth shots with Desperado, until Desperado drops him with a spear. Kanemaru in there, big DDT, pin, two-count. Kanemaru to the second rope, looking for deep impact, nope. YOH with a DDT of his own.

SHO back in the ring, but he just keeps getting attacks to the knee. Kanemaru with a figure-four, YOH being held back by Desperado. SHO is a nearly able to reverse the hold, but can't quite do it. He finally makes it to the bottom rope, crowd claps it up for that resilience. Kanemaru to the second rope, rough looking deep impact (second rope leap into a DDT), cover, two. Body slam on SHO, Kanemaru with a second rope moonsault, lands on his feet, YOH kicks him down. Kanemaru looks for a second figure-four, but YOH stops that with a superkick.

SHO with a big clothesline on Kanemaru. Desperado tries to take out the team, but gets superkicked out of the ring. YOH leaps off SHO's back with a big back elbow on Kanemaru. They set up for their finisher, 3K, but Desperado with a kick to SHO's knee. Referee distracted, Kanemaru tries to spit whiskey, but his mouth is covered and he gets suplexed, spitting it into the air. YOH goes over the top rope to clear out Desperado. SHO with a big lariat, shock arrow on Kanemaru, cover, 1-2-no! Strong X on Kanemaru by SHO and YOH to retain the titles.

Winners: SHO and YOH via Pinfall

- Post-match, Desperado isn't happy with what happened and get into a strike fest with YOH, then helps Kanemaru to the back. Taguchi heads into the ring, takes the mic, says the titles look good around SHO and YOH's waists, but looks to Rocky Romero and says they are "mega coaches." Taguchi then reminds Romero that he's a great wrestler. He says they should team up and challenge SHO and YOH. Romero looks accepts that idea. YOH gets on the mic and says he doesn't feel like they have surpassed Taguchi and Romero, so to make sure they are on top of their division, they accept. Date for the match was announced yet.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, Juice Robinson and David Finlay vs. Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, Yujiro Takahashi and Chase Owens (with Pieter and Jado)

Tanahashi and Tonga get things going, but Bullet Club with the ambush. Tanahashi's team helps out, action spills to the outside. Tanahashi drops Tonga, tags in Finlay with a big clothesline, dropkick to Owens, Finlay on the run, but eats a kick by Owens. Back elbow by Tonga on Finlay. Loa tags in, slingshots in and down on Finlay, Tonga does the same, Loa with a cover, two. Takahashi tags in and swings away on Finlay.

Takahashi plants Finlay to the mat, cover, Owens tags in and applies a gator roll on Finlay, snap mare, twists the neck, cover, two. Finlay able to work over to his corner, but can't tag out at first, then brings in Ibushi. Ibushi with a kick to Owens, but is attacked from behind. Ibushi with double pele kick on two Bullet Club members. Ibushi with a flurry of strikes, standing moonsault, cover, two-count.

Big strikes in the middle of the ring between the two wrestlers, Owens with a rebound lariat, both guys down. Loa and Juice tagged in. Juice with a punch of punches to the face, Loa with a punch, but takes a full nelson bomb. Robinson with a cannonball senton in the corner, pulp friction, Tonga breaks it up. Loa with a german suplex on Juice. He's able to make the tag in for Tanahashi, he unloads on Loa. Charges into the corner, nobody home. Tonga right there with a lariat, Bullet Club all strike, Loa slips in for the cover, two-count. Everyone taking moves in the ring now, getting cleared out one-by-one.

G.O.D. looking for magic killer on Tanahashi. Ibushi breaks it up though, referee distracted, Jado whacks Ibushi's back with a kendo stick. Tanahashi trying to fight off Loa and Tonga, dragon screw leg whip on Loa, then slingblade on Tonga. Referee distracted again, another kendo stick shot, this time to Tanahashi. Loa looks to finish him off, Tanahashi slips off his shoulder and rolls up Loa for the victory. Commentary putting over the IWGP Tag Champion was pinned.

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, Juice Robinson and David Finlay via Pinfall

- Post-match, Tonga immediately attacked Tanahashi. They looked for magic killer, Ibushi springboards in with a double dropkick on Loa and Tonga. Jado in the ring, tries for a kendo stick shot, Ibushi blocks it and sends Jado out of the ring. Bullet Club cleared out of the ring. Commentary putting over that Juice / Finlay and Ibushi / Tanahashi each have cases for a shot at the tag titles.

- Video shows G1 Climax upcoming dates on September 19 and 20, with the finals on October 20. Wrestle Dynasty on August 22 at Madison Square Garden.

Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay vs. Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr.

Slow start to the match, thanks to Taichi, but he finally strikes and drops Okada just as Sabre attacks Ospreay out on the floor. Taichi grabs a chair and smacks Okada with it as Ospreay continues to get beat up. Okada having no luck as they two work back into the ring. Sabre tags in and continues to beat up Okada, but Okada finally lands a flapjack and tags in Ospreay.

Springboard clothesline on Sabre, big chop, handspring kick, cover, two-count. Sabre looks for a standing submission, Ospreay fights out of it and looks for stormbreaker, no, Sabre tries for a submission, another stormbreaker attempt, no. They trade a bunch of pinning attempts to no avail. Sabre locks in a triangle hold, but Ospreay with a one-armed powerbomb. Okada in the match now, so is Taichi, and Okada drops him with a clothesline. Okada with a flying back elbow. Everyone getting taken down one at a time. Taichi with a big clothesline on Okada, rips off the pants, and lands a buzzsaw kick to Okada, saito suplex, cover, two. Taichi looks for last ride, nope, oscutter hits, rainmaker lands on Taichi, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Kazuchika Okada and Will Ospreay via Pinfall

- Post-match, Ospreay and Sabre bicker over the RevPro British Heavyweight Championship, the two will meet for it in a couple days. Ospreay taunts Sabre with the title then gives it back to him. Sabre says the title is coming back with him to Japan.

SANADA vs. Jay White with Gedo

White talking a lot of trash right from the start. Gedo with a distraction early on, White takes advantage. White gets tossed out to the floor though, SANADA with some taunting, White gets back in the ring, Gedo grabs SANADA's foot, White throws him back out to the floor. Gedo runs over and chokes him with a towel. White really taking it to SANADA, the two end up on the floor again and White jams SANADA up against the barricade a few times, back first. White rolls him in the ring, cover, not even a one-count.

White's leg is getting worked over, but he's able to recover with a big DDT. White slowing things down a bit, back elbow, sends SANADA to the apron, Gedo again grabs SANADA's foot. He gets in the ring, White charges in and eats a massive kick to the face. SANADA finally puts White in the paradise lock (commentary saying it's for the first time). White yelling at the referee, SANADA finally kicks him in the backside, cover, two.

SANADA leaps over White twice, lands a dropkick. Sends White to the outside, leaps down on him. SANADA then chases Gedo away. Back in the ring, SANADA gets White on his shoulders, White trying to fight it off, but skull end gets locked in for a moment. White jabs at SANADA's eyes to get out of it. White with some big uppercuts, kiwi crusher, no, blade crusher, yes. White then lands kiwi crusher, cover, two. Blade runner, SANADA gets to the ropes, referee tells him to break it up an White shoves him down. SANADA with a twisting suplex, side suplex, cover, two.

SANADA looking for skull end, Gedo gets on the apron, SANADA kicks the rope to get him down. SANADA goes back to White, sneaky roll-up, two. SANADA lands TKO, pin attempt, two. SANADA up to the top rope, Gedo up again, SANADA grabs him by the beard and clocks him in the face. He then crotches Gedo up on the top rope, SANADA then kicks the top rope. SANADA gets skull end, swings him around, and he drops down to the mat with White. Referee checking on White, but he's fighting back. SANADA breaks the hold, goes for the muta moonsault, White rolls out of the way.

SANADA up, pin attempt, two. Skull end attempt, White rolls through, blade runner, no, SANADA with a tricky pin, two. Ugly looking sequence with SANADA flipping off the turnbuckles and landing down on his head. He looks to be okay though as they keeping going, White with a snap dragon suplex. Regalplex lands, cover, two. White now goes for blade runner, hits it, and that will be the end of the match.

Winner: Jay White via Pinfall

Hiromu Takahashi (c) vs. Ryu Lee (IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship)

Super fast start, multiple suplexes by each wrestler, Takahashi with a lariat and both men are already down from trading big moves. Both up and trade big shots on each other, over and over again! We're talking 15 plus strikes from each wrestler. Takahashi slows down for a moment, but then they start up again! We're going past 30 or 40 chops to the chest by each guy. Lee goes down to one knee, but is up and lands a big one, then asks for more. They are still trading chops and, not surprisingly, both chests are quite beaten up.

Takahashi with a hurricanrana, Lee lands on his feet, Takahashi chops him again. Lee asks for more, and gets it. More and more chopping. They finally move on from that and Takahashi end up on the apron, Lee with a hurricanrana, sending Takahashi down to the floor! Takahashi is sat on the barricade, chop to the chest, Lee back in the ring and hits a hard-hitting suicide dive! Both men go over a table and to the floor.

Both slowly make their way into the ring. Lee on the apron, Takahashi with a sunset bomb to the floor! Back in the ring, Lee tries for the same move that put Takahashi out for so long with a neck injury. Takahashi reverses out of it though. Lee put on the top turnbuckle, Takahashi up, gets shoved down, Lee tries for double stomp, Takahashi avoids it. Lee goes back up and they swing away on each other. Double stomp on Takahashi, Lee goes down to the floor.

Both on the apron, release overhead suplex sends Lee flying down to the floor. Takahashi up to the top rope and hits a hiromu bomb. Both eventually make their way in to the ring, wheelbarrow german suplex on Lee. Lee with a snap suplex. Takahashi hits one, Lee with one of his own and they go back forth with a couple more. Lee with a flipping suplex, but Takahashi counters with a triangle lock. Buckle bomb by Lee, charges in and gets thrown into the turnbuckles with an overhead release suplex.

Multiple piledriver reversals, package piledriver by Lee, cover, two-count. Takahashi draped over the top rope, Lee with some kicks. Lee heads to the top rope and lands a hard double stomp to the back. Lee with a running knee to the face, cover, Takahashi grabs the bottom rope. Lee tries for a powerbomb, but Takahashi counters into a canadian destroyer. Takahshi looks for time bomb, no, Lee with the pin, two. Lee pulls the knee pad down, big knee to the face, cover, close three! Another knee to the face, pops Takahashi up, and he counters again with a canadian destroyer. Time bomb hits! 1-2-no. Takahashi with a big punch, another time bomb, cover, 1-2-3. Yet another crazy match between these two.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi via Pinfall

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Minoru Suzuki (IWGP US Championship)

Moxley gets to ringside, then goes back towards the stage, he then beckons Suzuki to come to him. Suzuki grabs two chairs, smiles and makes his way up. He tosses one chair to Moxley. They swing away at each other, Suzuki is disarmed first, but Moxley is shortly after. Couple punches, Moxley throws a plastic barricade on Suzuki. The two spills into the crowd, Suzuki then tosses a barricade panel on Moxley. They make their way to a table, Suzuki tries for gotch style piledriver, Moxley tosses him off. Referee making 20-count, they stop and decide to go into the ring to break the count. Back and forth shots with Suzuki smiling away.

Moxley sent to the corner, eats a boot, Suzuki with a penalty kick, Moxley catches it and bites Suzuki's forehead, then Suzuki returns the favor. They are back out to the floor again and end up at English commentary. More fighting on the outside. Table is put up at ringside. Suzuki chokes out Moxley, puts a chair around his arm, chases off English commentary, grabs another chair and whacks the chair! Suzuki works the arm on the apron, but Moxley powerbombs him through the table at ringside! Suzuki smiles after going through it. Suzuki up and smacks his head with some of the broken table. Moxley does the same. Back in the ring they throw big shots.

Moxley selling his injured arm, swinging away with his good one. Suzuki ask for more, laughs and throws a forearm back at him. Moxley telling him to bring it and they trade back and forth forearms. Suzuki sneaks behind with a rear naked choke. Moxley fades, looks like he's out, Suzuki goes for the pin, two-count. The two trade more shots in the middle of the ring. Moxley with death rider in the middle of the ring, cover, Suzuki kicks out! Commentary saying that's the first kick out of that move.

Moxley says to Suzuki, "We're going to finish this motherf---er," and kisses him on his forehead. Moxley brings in two chairs and tosses one to Suzuki. Red shoes tries to stop Moxley, he gets thrown aside. Moxley with a chairshot over Suzuki's head! Chair breaks. Suzuki smiles. Moxley with a piledriver on the chair, no referee though for the pin. Moxley with some more big shots, lariat, death rider hits again, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, Zack Sabre Jr. attacks Jon Moxley, smacking him with the title and choking him out. Looks like we have a new challenger. Moxley recovers and leaves through the crowd with his title.

Tetsuya Naito vs. KENTA (IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships)

Looks like pretty much everyone in Bullet Club comes to the ring with KENTA. Red Show presents both titles, this is the first time the Heavyweight and IC titles are being defended together. All of Bullet Club get back in the ring to play some more minds games, crowd booing them. KENTA shoves Red Shoes down and laughs. Red Shoes then throws the entire group from ringside. Crowd firmly behind Naito as we finally get things going. Match starts, KENTA rolls out of the ring to delay things a bit. He goes back to the ring, then gets back down, crowd boos. He mockingly does Naito's hair flip, crowd laughs at that.

KENTA tells Naito "tranquillo" goes back in and leaves the ring again. Naito doesn't seem too bothered by all of this. KENTA back in and it looks like we're ready to go—nope, KENTA hops back out again. He's back in and they lock up, going right to the ropes. Naito backs away and KENTA rolls out to the floor again. KENTA goes to get in, Naito knocks him to the floor, looks to fly, but poses in the ring. KENTA tries to sneak attack him and Naito is the one who rolls out!

Hurricanrana sends KENTA to the floor, Naito launches him into the barricade a couple times. Action back in the ring, Action out on the floor now, Naito really taking it to KENTA. He rubs his boot on KENTA's face and spits at the challenger. Naito ends up on the apron, eats some kicks, KENTA to the top rope and hits a flying knee on Naito's back. Out on the floor, KENTA throws Naito into a barricade. KENTA snatches a Naito stuffed animal from a fan, puts it on the floor, and steps on it to a chorus of boos.

KENTA taking his time now, still out on the floor, he DDTs the champion, then makes his way back into the ring. He tells the ref to start his 20-count. KENTA tries to take off the turnbuckle pad, Red Shoes stops him. Referee fixes that one, KENTA takes another one off. Naito in the ring and immediately gets sent into the exposed corner. Naito trying to fight back, KENTA with a knee to the midsection, cover, two. KENTA asks Naito to hit him, Naito swings, KENTA ducks, hits a DDT, cover, two. KENTA with some mocking kicks, then big ones to the chest. Naito with some kicks to the knee, then a single leg dropkick.

KENTA controlling things, flying clothesline off the top rope, pin, two-count. KENTA beats up Naito some more out on the floor, DDT to the floor, the champion barely makes it back into the ring in time. Naito recovers, hits a spinebuster with the crowd cheering him on. Back and forth shots in the ring. Back elbow while holding the wrist, Naito thinking destino. KENTA able to drop Naito and apply a submission, but Naito claws his way to the ropes for the break. KENTA looking for GTS, no, Naito with a swinging DDT.

Naito puts KENTA on the top turnbuckle, super hurricanrana, he plants KENTA, cover, two. Naito looks for destino, KENTA jams Naito into Red Shoes accidentally (?), then he throws Naito into Red Shoes, again, on purpose. Jay White comes to the ring and hits a sleeper suplex on the champ. He looks for blade runner, but BUSHI comes out tries for the mist, White avoids it and hits blade runner. Takahashi is out and superkicks White, throws him out of the ring and takes him to the back. Naito with an enziguri, flying forearm, destino, nope, eats a clothesline. KENTA with GTS, and it gets countered into a reverse DDT. Crowd is loud for Naito now.

KENTA sends Naito head first into the exposed buckle! Oh, he's busted up badly. Cover, two. Psycho knee by KENTA, cover, two. GTS attempt, no poisonrana, Naito plants KENTA. Destino hits! Cover for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito via Pinfall

- Post-match, Naito gets to his feet and stares down at KENTA, who's sitting in the corner. KENTA eventually makes his way out. Naito tells KENTA to get out of here as quickly as he likes. Naito asks the fans how they liked the first-ever defense of both titles. He then calls out Hiromu Takahashi, the tradition of the NJPW Anniversary Event is the IWGP Heavyweight Champion faces the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion (non-title match). Takahashi makes his way to the ring. Naito challenges Takahashi, which he accepts on the spot. That match will take place on March 3.