NWA Powerrr Recap (2/11): Starks Defends TV Title Against Cross, Scurll Gives Aldis An Answer, ROH

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance's weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today's show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.


Sean Mooney opens the show telling us he'll have exclusive footage from Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis following this past weekends ROH Free Enterprises event in Baltimore.

Powerrr Intro Song.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to another edition of Powerrr from Atlanta. The tag champs, Eli Drake and James Storm, are already with them at the commentary table as guests. Pope introduces the Dawsons for opening tag action. They'll be facing ROH's Bouncers (Brian Milonas & Beer City Bruiser), accompanied to the ring by Eddie Kingston.

The Bouncers versus The Dawsons

Bruiser and Zane open up with a brawl. Bruiser drops him with a huge lariat. Dave tags in so Bruiser brings in Milonas. They have a chop exchange that Milonas wins. He traps Dave in the corner and thrusts his hips into his face. Bruiser back in. Short jabs...Bruiser bites Dave's face. He goes to bounce off the ropes but Zane knees him from the apron. This allows Dave to hit a flying axe-handle to give the Dawsons the advantage. Bruiser trapped in the Dawsons corner...he tries to fight his way out...Dave makes him pay with a back elbow. Dawsons go for a double-team...Bruiser nails both of them with a double-lariat. Milonas gets the hot tag. He runs through Zane with a crossbody. Meanwhile on the outside Kingston and Pope are arguing and are prepared to trade blows. Dawsons nearly win the match after a double-powerbomb on Milonas. Milonas and Zane are up on the top...superplex...Bruiser comes out of nowhere with the frog splash. Bouncers win.


The Bouncers win by pinfall

James Storm and Beer City Bruiser poor their beers into the Crockett Cup. Storm drinks from it, Bruiser drinks from it, Drake goes to drink it but opts have his water instead. Storm finishes it to the delight of the crowd.

Flashback to Stu Bennett's reveal of the Crockett Cup from Hard Times. Still no official date revealed.

Footage of Nick Aldis at Free Enterprise. He shows off the Ten Pounds of Gold and says that it's been his ticket to an unimaginable stream of revenue. Aldis demands Marty Scurll give him an answer to his challenge.

Thomas Latimer and Kamille join Joe Galli at the interview desk. Latimer tells the crowd that he looks forward to putting a beating on Tim Storm. He promises that he and partner Royce Isaacs will get their tag team titles back. Galli asks how he feels about the current champs, Eli Drake and James Storm. He says they're not even a real team. Tim Storm eventually comes out and this singles match is underway.

Thomas Latimer versus Tim Storm

Latimer attacks Storm right as the bell rings. Storm recovers and lariats him out of the ring to stand tall. Latimer lands on his feet and takes his time getting back into the ring. They tie-up. Neither man can gain the advantage. They bounce off the ropes and shoulder bump...a second time. A third. Latimer tries a sucker punch but Storm had it scouted. He sends Latimer into the turnbuckles, then drops him with a back body drop. Fans chant "perfect Storm" loudly. Back and forth striking...Latimer chops Storm in the throat before hitting a spear for a nearfall. Short-armed lariat by Latimer. He lays into Storm with big right hands. This wakes Storm up...Storm with a lariat and back elbow in succession. Running boot and neckbreaker combo. He sends Latimer off the ropes...big boot. Latimer sets up for a powerbomb...Storm counters. He charges into Latimer in the corner...Latimer moves and connects with an elevated DDT. Cover...it's over.


Thomas Latimer wins by pinfall

Afterwards the actor who is mimicking Storm's mom comes out to berate him. Storm thinks about decking the actor, but walks off instead.

Commercial for NWA merchanidse.

Recap of last week's NWA National title matchup between champion Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch. Stevens retained after taking the bout to a time-limit draw. Murdoch still hit his finishing top rope bulldog afterwards.

Murdoch joins Dave Marquez at the interview table. He says Stevens is a coward for running away, and that he demands a rematch. "That title deserves a fighting champion. You people deserve a fighting champion." Murdoch goes on to berate not only Stevens, but his accomplice, the Question Mark. This brings out the Question Mark, who interrupts Murdoch's promo by singing the Mongrovian National Anthem. Question Mark speaks: "Me...you...KARATE."

Feed cuts to NWA's Sean Mooney. He recaps the ongoing feud between Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll. We see footage of Marty Scurll's counter offer from ROH Free Enterprise. He says that if Aldis beats him...he'll write Aldis a check of half a million dollars. Later...Aldis accepts. Mooney tells us that now the match is confirmed, and those on the NWA email list will be the first to receive the news of when the Crockett Cup will take place. A plethora of new NWA programming is announced by Mooney. Mooney says he interview Trevor Murdoch on his podcast, which will be released as soon as this episode of Powerrr concludes.


Advertisement from Nikita Koloff. He says he travels everywhere to speak the word of God, and offer any motivational speeches.

Matt Cross is out next for a match against Ricky Starks. Commentary tells us this will be for the NWA Television championship, with the normal 6:05 time limit.

Ricky Starks versus Matt Cross for the NWA Television Championship

Tie-up. Cross and Starks trade waistlocks. Cross transitions into a hammerlock but Starks reverses the pressure. Nice sequence of technical wrestling. Starks applies a headlock and powers Cross to the mat. Starks knocks Cross down after a shoulder bump. Pace picks up...Starks nails the first offense with a running dropkick. Monkey-flip by Starks...Cross lands on his feet...he catches Starks and nails a backbreaker for a two count. Only three-minutes left in the match. Fans are split cheering for both guys. Handspring back elbow connects by Cross. He hits Starks with a pump kick and goes for another cover...only two. Cross traps Starks in the corner...chop. He goes for a suplex...Starks blocks it...each man trades a suplex attempt....Starks wins the exchange and lands the maneuver. Tornado DDT by Starks. Only ten seconds left. Cross with a springboard cutter. Bell rings.


Match Ends In A Time Limit Draw. Ricky Starks Retains

Zicky Dice comes out and calls the match boring. He says that the biggest difference between himself and Starks is that he finishes everytime. "Outlandish," says Dice. This ends the segment.

Flashback to last week's women's title rematch between Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay. Rosa retained after a school-boy pin.

Marti Belle is now at the interview desk. "It's pretty obvious by now that everything that Melina said...has come true, and it's because of her that Allysin has lost everything. Her title...her prestige, and even her best friends." Belle later defends Melina after the interviewer talks ill of her. "You don't speak about Melina. Allysin Kay doesn't care about any of you the same way she never cared about me." This brings out Kay, who receives a warm ovation from the crowd. Kay speaks. "First and foremost...you will not tell these people that I don't care about them. I put my body on the line each and every night for them." This gets cheers. Kay calls Melina Jim Jones and says that Belle has drank the kool aid. "I will always be there for you. You know that I care about you Marti." Belle leaves.

After a quick commercial...we're ready for our next match...which is women's division action.


Melina versus Tasha Steelz

Both talking trash at the start. Melina shoves Steelz into the corner. Steelz unloads with right hands...Melina boots Steelz in the face and drives her face into the mat. She punt kicks Steelz in the gut, then rocks her with a running knee. Steelz tries to fight back but Melina hits another facebuster and mounts Steelz for a ground and pound. Steelz recovers and starts building momentum...corner strikes, followed by a neckbreaker. Melina gets to her feet...final cut for a nearfall. She calls for her finisher...Steelz creates separation with a jawbreaker...she goes for a cutter...Melina slows her down with a lariat. Melina connects with her finisher for the victory.

Melina wins by pinfall

Post match...Melina says that she proves herself week in and week out. She says that next week...Thunder Rosa will put her title on the line. Marquez asks who approved the match. "It's been approved by Melina."

Main event time. Nick Aldis and Royce Isaacs is out first. Sal Rinauro is watching on from the crowd, along with Isaacs girl May Valentine. The Rock 'N' Roll Express are out second. Here we go.

Strictly Business versus Rock 'N' Roll Express

Gibson and Isaacs begin. Isaacs is distracted by Rinauro and Valentine in the front row. Gibson goes for a school-boy pin...Isaacs kicks out. Aldis and Isaacs have a quick pep talk. Isaacs and Gibson tie-up. Shoulder bump by Gibson...he sends Isaacs across the ring with an arm-drag. Morton tags in. Nutcracker from Morton. He takes a cheap shot on Aldis, who is furious. Gibson tags back in...they target Isaacs leg. Eventually he tags out...Aldis works over Gibson. Morton blind tags in and frankensteiners Aldis to a huge pop. Isaacs comes right back in...Morton nails a right hand sending him to ringside. Strictly Business set a trap for Morton on the outside to get heat on Morton. Back in the ring...Isaacs hits a back suplex for a nearfall. Aldis tags in and boots Morton in the gut. Morton manages to fight the champ off and make the tag in to Gibson. Gibson cradles Aldis for a two count. Isaacs comes in...Gibson takes him out with a suplex, then slams Aldis off the top rope. Backslide pin on Isaacs...only two. All four men in the ring now. Isaacs thumbs Gibson in the eye and gets his feet on the ropes for a leverage pin...that'll do it.


Strictly Business wins by pinfall

Afterwards May Valentine celebrates with Isaacs. Isaacs yells at Minauro in the crowd.

A quick vignette on the Aldis and Marty Scurll feud with Aldis narrating. The location of the Crockett Cup will be revealed next week.

That's the show friends.