Ric Flair has experienced the highest of highs in the wrestling business such as being a 16-time World Champion and watching his daughter Charlotte excel on the biggest stage. During an interview with Don’t Tell me The Score, Flair noted that he is aware of the fortune that has come his way.

“I’ve been blessed,” Flair admitted. “Winning the title for the first time in 1981, living through the plane crash.”

While Flair has had an amazing career, he has also experienced the lowest of lows such as when his son Reid died of a drug overdose at 25 in 2013. During the interview, Flair recalled the final message he ever received from Reid.

“I came back from Japan and I had a blood clot in my leg. They won’t let me leave the hospital but I said I have to leave as my son is only home for a couple of days. We were going on the road,” said Flair. “They released me to go to the doctor’s office and he put me on blood thinners.

“My son sends me a text, saying, ‘Dad what would this family be [without you]? You need to be here for all of us.’ And that night he died. I’ve never told anyone that story, except [my wife] Wendy.”