Ric Flair has experienced the highest of highs in the wrestling business such as being a 16-time World Champion and watching his daughter Charlotte excel on the biggest stage. During an interview with Don’t Tell me The Score, Flair admits to being a sensitive man even though his wrestling character is flamboyant and over-the-top saying, “I am, but I fought that for years.”

Flair gets to watch his daughter Charlotte live out her dream, and Reid’s dream, through pro wrestling. While many compare Charlotte to Ric, he notes one big difference between the two of them.

“She wakes up every day wanting to be better, just like I did. The difference is, I knew how much better I was,” stated Flair. “Then I started having self-confidence issues. She’s never going to have that…

“I’ve always taken her and pushed her. I could see this gift. She’s got it all and she’s tough.”

Flair has competed all over the world and interviewed with people all over the world. Flair was asked about the difference in how athletes are treated in the USA vs. the UK.

“Tom Brady was one year from the Superbowl and being MVP and now they’re calling him an old man. It doesn’t happen over here [in the UK]. A soccer player gets older, he becomes revered,” stated Flair.

Flair lived hard for most of his professional career and it caught up to him via health issues a couple of years ago. He offered some advice to those who aspire to follow a similar path that he did.

“Do as I say, not as I did! Pay your income tax on time, don’t be waking up owing them $2 million which I have a couple of times. And don’t exceed your limit on your credit card every day – that would work! My credit card was going up and down like a basketball,” said Flair. “Six thousand dollars – on what?”