Ric Flair recently spoke with TMZ Sports as can be seen in the video above about the possibility of his daughter Charlotte one day facing Simone Johnson, the daughter of The Rock who signed with WWE recently.

Flair was asked if we would one day see the dream matchup where he responded with an emphatic yes.

"Oh yeah, of course," Flair said.

When asked if it something he has personally thought about, Flair replied that he has not, but that he believes it is something that both Charlotte and Johnson have probably kicked around.

"I'm sure it's crossed their mind," Flair said. "They can see it down the road and it would be phenomenal."

Flair implied that the path to the match would have to be some time down the road as he believes that Johnson has a long way to go before facing his daughter.

"Simone is a beautiful girl, but there is a lot of training that is involved and there are a lot of great stars right now," Flair responded. "Simone is coming, she will be there. If she has [The Rock's] genetics she should do great."

Flair also added that he believes The Rock is thrilled with the fact that his daughter has chosen to follow in his footsteps.

"I know The Rock will be thrilled when she gets there. Who wouldn't be?" Flair stated.

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