Ring of Honor has announced the latest participants for the ROH Pure Title tournament and the ROH Women’s World Title tournament.

Rocky Romero was announced today for the 16-man tournament to crown a new ROH Pure Champion.

Alex Shelley, Doug Williams and Jonathan Gresham were announced for the Pure Title tournament earlier this week.

As we’ve noted, ROH is bringing the Pure Title back and the new champion will be crowned with the tournament that kicks off at ROH Pure Excellence night one in Columbus, OH on Friday, April 10. Night two will take place on Saturday, April 11 in Pittsburgh, PA, and the quarterfinals will be held at ROH Battlestarr 2020 in New York City on Thursday, April 23. There’s no word yet on when the semifinals and the finals will take place.

ROH previously retired the Pure Title back in 2006 after first introducing it in 2004. Pure Rules matches are bouts where closed-fist punches are illegal, and each competitor is allowed three rope breaks to stop submission holds and pinfalls during the match, and after that, pinfalls and submissions on or under the ropes would be legal.

ROH also announced Nicole Savoy for the 16-woman tournament to crown the inaugural ROH Women’s World Champion.

Angelina Love, Kellyanne and Sumie Sakai were announced for the Women’s World Title tournament earlier this week.

The women’s tournament will begin with eight first-round matches on Friday, April 24 in Philadelphia, PA at the ROH Quest For Gold event.

Stay tuned for updates on both tournaments.