A video package is shown hyping the debut of Slex after the usual ROH signature video package.

Quinn McKay checks in backstage. She throws to a match.

Mark Haskins of Lifeblood and Alex Shelley make their entrances.

Mark Haskins vs. Alex Shelley

Haskins and Shelley shake hands before exchanging wrist-locks. Haskins takes Shelley to the mat with a double leg takedown. Later in the match, Haskins clotheslines Shelley. Haskins pins Shelley for a two count. Haskins connects with a running kick to Shelley. Haskins hits a Michinoku Driver on Shelley. Haskins pins Shelley for a two count. Haskins ascends the turnbuckles. Haskins goes for a Double Stomp, Shelley rolls out of the way.

Shelley hits Sliced Bread on Haskins. Shelley hits a Reverse STO on Haskins. Shelley pins Haskins for a two count. Shelley locks in a Border City Stretch on Haskins. Haskins rolls Shelley backward for a two count. Shelley superkicks Haskins. Shelley goes for a Sliced Bread, Haskins gets out of it. Haskins rolls Shelley to the mat. Haskins locks in a Sharpshooter on Shelley. Shelley taps out.

Winner: Mark Haskins

A video package is shown on Vincent.

Quinn McKay is backstage with Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry. McKay talks to them about their match with Vincent & Bateman later tonight. McKay talks about Vincent & Bateman being scary. Castle says that they’re not scary. Hendry tells Castle to tell her what scary actually is. Castle says that he is scary. Castle says that he once looked a spider in the eyes, all eight of them. Hendry talks about the wins they’ve gotten recently. Castle talks about how they do the opposite of what people expect of them.

Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams of Lifeblood are with Quinn McKay backstage. Haskins talks about how the world class athletes that he’s been facing are just building blocks on his little yellow brick road to greatness. Haskins talks about having his sights set on one thing, the Ring Of Honor World Championship.

Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry are at the ring. The Righteous (Vincent & Bateman with Chuckles The Clown & Vita Von Starr) are also at the ring.

Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry vs. The Righteous (Vincent & Bateman)

Castle and Vincent start the match. Vincent tags Bateman in right away. Castle briefly locks in a waist-lock on Bateman. Castle rolls Bateman up for a one count. Later in the match, Castle connects with an elbow to Vincent. Castle tags Hendry in. Hendry clotheslines Vincent. Hendry hits a Double Fallaway Slam on Bateman & Vincent. Hendry hits a Codebreaker on Bateman. Castle hits a Bulldog on Bateman. Castle sends Vincent into a Codebreaker from Hendry. Chuckles pulls Castle out of the ring. Vincent hits a Cutter on Hendry. Vincent pins Hendry for the three count.

Winner: The Righteous (Vincent & Bateman)

Quinn McKay is backstage with Slex. McKay asks if Slex is ready for his debut against Flip Gordon. Slex says that he has finally arrived at Ring Of Honor and you could say business has picked up. Slex talks about how with Flip Gordon it doesn’t matter if it takes 20 minutes or 20 seconds, Ring Of Honor will find out that business is booming.

The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman, Chuckles The Clown & Vita Von Starr) are shown backstage. Vincent is asked about their victory over Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry. Vincent says that your only as sane as you want to be, madness has its own rewards. Vincents says that we create our own reality, and it’s Righteous.

Slex makes his entrance. Flip Gordon of Villain Enterprises makes his entrance.

Slex vs. Flip Gordon

Slex and Gordon shake hands. They lock up. Slex takes Gordon to the mat with a waist-lock. Slex locks in a headlock on Gordon. Gordon sends Slex to the ropes. Slex hits a shoulder-block on Gordon. Gordon eventually hits a Moonsault from off the second turnbuckle on to Slex at ringside. Gordon rolls Slex back into the ring. Gordon hits a Springboard Spear from off the second rope on Slex. Gordon pins Slex for a two count. Gordon hits a Flip Flop Cutter on Slex. Gordon hits a Curb Stomp on Slex. Gordon pins Slex for the win.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Gordon and Slex shake hands after the match. Gordon makes his exit. Kaun & Moses of Soldiers Of Savagery circle the ring. Shane Taylor slides into the ring. Taylor head-butts Slex. Taylor hits a Piledriver on Slex. Moses and Kaun come into the ring. Moses hands Taylor a microphone. Taylor says that everyone’s been talking about Ring Of Honor’s new signees, when the fact remains that everybody should be talking about how all of his demands have been met. Taylor says that he is officially back in Ring Of Honor, and now business IS booming. Taylor, Moses & Kaun raise their fists in the air as the show comes to a close.

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