Above is new video of Roman Reigns talking to the WWE camera after his Steel Cage match win over King Baron Corbin at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia today.

Reigns was asked how satisfying it felt to get retribution over Corbin, and getting it in a Steel Cage.

“That’s your word, right? I didn’t come up with that word,” Reigns said of retribution. “But nah, it felt good. In this position that I’m in, people are always going to challenge you for your spot. Everybody wants that upper into the mountain, so Corbin’s no different.

“I expect somebody else to have beef with me, that’s just the place that I’m in. Everyone wants to take what’s mine and it’s up to me to defend it every single night.”

It looks like the Reigns vs. Corbin feud is finally over as the Super ShowDown announcers kept making references to this being the end of the rivalry. Reigns vs. new WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg has been rumored to take place at WrestleMania 36.