Sareee Confirms Her WWE Signing (Photo)

Top Japanese women's wrestler Sareee is finally headed to WWE.

The former Diana Champion and Diana Tag Team Champion revealed at today's Diana show in Shinkiba, Japan that she has officially signed a WWE contract, and will be reporting to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando next month, according to Casey of Squared Circle Sirens.

Furthermore, Sareee made a tweet of her own today and announced the signing to her followers. Twitter translates her message to the following:

"I decided to think about doing professional wrestling abroad outside of Japan. And WWE joining has been decided. I am relieved to be able to properly report to everyone. Spreading Japanese women's professional wrestling, Aiming for the top of WWE, Aim for the pinnacle of women's professional wrestling. I will fight over my life. #wwe#Sareee"

Sareee debuted back for Diana back in 2011 and was trained by the legendary Kyoko Inoue. She's also a former JWP POP and JWP Junior Champion, and has held several other titles.

Tokyo Sports originally reported that Sareee had signed with WWE last year, but there's no word yet on why she's just now confirming the signing and moving to the United States. Triple H was said to be impressed with Sareee while scouting talents last summer when WWE was in Japan for live events. The then-23 year old Sareee and Triple H reportedly had meetings about her coming in, and he told the media that he had heard she was the future of women's wrestling. She also spent time backstage at a WWE live event in Tokyo from Sumo Hall.

Below is a tweet from today's Diana event where she confirmed the signing with WWE, along with Sareee's own tweet on signing and a photo from her 2019 meeting with Triple H. Stay tuned for updates.