Sonya Deville recently spoke with an editor on Ronda Rousey's official website to discuss a variety of topics. Deville named SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley as a locker room leader when asked who were the veteran WWE Superstars who she'd go to for advice when she first got called up to the main roster, and who she goes to just to pick their brains for information. She also named RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

"Bayley is definitely one—she's like the locker room leader always," Deville revealed. "She's someone you could go to for advice or if you have questions about how things work or whoever it was, she's definitely just a natural leader in the locker room. Becky was someone that I always went to too. Becky's cool because she's one of those people that leads by example. She's not going to tell you what to do with your life, but she just carries herself in a way that's admirable."

Deville originally came out during WWE Tough Enough several years ago, but WWE often touts her as the first openly gay female Superstar in company history. Deville was asked how she feels the fan response has been to her being so open about her sexuality.

"It's been super positive," Deville said. "Yeah, since I came out on Tough Enough, it's been super positive. I haven't really had any issues. Obviously, it's social media—you're gonna have good and bad. But, I tried to just kind of remain positive and just be a positive voice on social media. And, using this platform to just spread the positivity, because there's no room for hate. We ain't got time for hate, you know?"

The interviewer praised Deville for her 2019 Worlds Collide match with WWE NXT Superstar Io Shirai, and asked if there's anyone else she'd like to have a personal dream match with. Deville named WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Asuka.

"Yes. First of all, lo Shirai is badass," Deville said. "And I loved wrestling her at Worlds Collide. That was a super cool experience. And yeah, honestly, Asuka. I've never got a chance to wrestle Asuka in like an extended singles match on TV or on pay-per-view or anything. And I think that some of my best chemistry in the ring is with Asuka, so I would love to have a full storyline and a couple bouts with her, you know?"

She continued, agreeing that she's wrestled pretty much everyone in the main roster women's division, but said it was lame that she didn't get to face Ronda Rousey. She also said she'd like to do a program with Natalya.

"I've wrestled pretty much everyone. … I don't think me and Nattie have ever wrestled," Deville said. "That'd be cool. Yeah. Asuka, Nattie are two I'd like to go into something with. That'd be cool. Obviously, I always say this too… Me and Ronda never had our bout in WWE, which I felt was kind of lame. I was like, 'Wait, you're coming in here, MMA's top fighter. I was WWE's first-ever female MMA fighter.' I thought there was a planted story already there. So I'd love to face Ronda if she came back."