WWE has officially announced WrestleMania 37 for Inglewood, California next year on March 28. Inglewood is in the Los Angeles metro area and WWE is giving WrestleMania a Hollywood theme. Due to big event going Hollywood, WWE's A-Lister The Miz, is really hoping to return to the main event of The Grandest Stage of Them All next year.

Miz took to Instagram this afternoon and said he will quit if he doesn't headline the show in 2021. He made the remarks in the caption of a fan-made WrestleMania 37 graphic, also adding props to the creator.

He wrote, "Wrestlemania is going Hollywood next year. If I don't Main Event...I quit. #Wrestlemania37 #MiztleMania"

Miz's longtime friend Dolph Ziggler responded in the comments section of the Instagram post and joked (or didn't joke) about Miz finally quitting WWE.

Ziggler wrote, "Yes!!!! Finally!!! (The quitting)"

Ziggler and The Miz often go back & forth on social media and both are known to mess around with fans, and each other, on the platforms.

You can see Miz's full IG post below, along with a screenshot of Ziggler's comment: