Tito Ortiz Reportedly Trains At WWE Performance Center

UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz, 45, trained at the WWE Performance Center this week, according to this morning's Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer reported Ortiz is training to be a pro wrestler and heard good things about Ortiz's work ethic and enthusiasm.

This is not the first time Ortiz has crossed paths with WWE as he told Wrestling Inc. back in December about having talks with the company around 2002.

"I did [have talks with WWE] back in 2002 / 2003," Ortiz began. "I believe it was at Seattle at WrestleMania; it was 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin versus The Rock and they brought me backstage. I was still in awe that The Rock was there, and Stone Cold was there, and Brock was there, and I was more of a fan than in my attitude of a fighter. They put me on the mic with I believe it was Brooklyn Brawler, and I had a little interview with him and I think he caught me off guard.

"I was a polite, politically correct person outside of the cage as I always am and I think I didn't catch their attention good enough. If I would have understood that it was a chance to get my foot in the door as a pro wrestler, I think I might have been a little more over the top with how my character likes to fight."

Also last December, Ortiz faced former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patron in an MMA match, submitting El Patron in the first round.