Tony Schiavone Says Agreeing To Work For WWE Was The Dumbest Thing He's Said

AEW announcer Tony Schiavone took to Twitter today and expressed regret over taking a job from Vince McMahon years ago.

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley tweeted last night and asked if Schiavone's shot at PAC during this week's AEW Dynamite episode was the "second dumbest thing" he's ever said. Schiavone responded and jokingly said it was the third dumbest thing he's said. He added that the first and second dumbest things he's ever said had to do with taking the job from Vince and moving to Connecticut back in 1989-1990.


"Third dumbest. 1.) Yes Vince, I'll come to work for you 2.) Yes, I'll move to Connecticut," Schiavone tweeted.

A fan remarked that Connecticut "kinda blows" and Schiavone responded, "No not at all. Just being silly"

Another fan asked Schiavone about his infamous line on "putting butts in seats" – a reference to Schiavone doing live WCW Nitro commentary and spoiling Foley's first WWE Title win over The Rock that aired on the January 4, 1999 taped RAW episode. Foley has said over the years that when he first heard what happened, he was upset. They reportedly had words over the phone that week and Schiavone told Foley that then-boss Eric Bischoff had instructed him to spoil the title change. It was reported that 600,000 homes actually switched from Nitro to RAW to see Foley's title win, so Bischoff's idea backfired.


"I think we are doing a good job of it [putting butts in seats] each week. Thank you for your time," Schiavone sarcastically responded.

Another fan missed the sarcasm and Schiavone responded with the actual definition of the word.

Foley has not responded to the other tweets by Schiavone as of this writing. You can see the full exchange below: