WWE 205 Live Results (2/28): 10-Man Elimination Tag Teams Announced, Tony Nese Vs. Lio Rush

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Captains Lio Rush and Tony Nese will each pick their teams for the 10-Man Elimination Tag Team Match that will take place in two weeks!

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Commentators Jon Quasto and Aiden English welcome fans to a brand new episode of 205 Live! The first match of the night is announced.

Joaquin Wilde vs. Raul Mendoza

Mendoza wastes little time with a dropkick on Wilde. Mendoza with a cover, Wilde kicks out at 1. Mendoza locks up Wilde's arm and puts the pressure on second by second. Mendoza breaks the hold with a basement dropkick, cover, Wilde kicks out at 2. Wilde desperately tries to fight out of another submission, and does so successfully. Wilde catches Mendoza with a second rope powerbomb. Wilde off the steel stairs lands a hurricanrana. Back in the ring, Wilde is still in control with double knees on Mendoza. Wilde with the cover, Mendoza kicks out at 2. Up on the top rope, Mendoza gets an opening and kicks Wilde in the face. Wilde counters with a Frankensteiner. Mendoza gets up and takes Wilde off his feet with the Spanish Fly, cover, Wilde kicks out at 2. Both men exchange back-and-forth right hands in the middle of the ring. Mendoza breaks the back-and-forth exchange with a moonsault, Wilde puts up his knees, lands Wilde Thing, and wins the match.


Winner: Joaquin Wilde

In two weeks, the 10-Man Elimination Tag Team Match will take place on 205 Live!

For Lio Rush's Team (Team NXT) It Will Be:


-Tyler Breeze

-Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

-Danny Burch

-Oney Lorcan

For Tony Nese's Team (Team 205 Live) It Will Be:


-Mike Kanellis

-The Brian Kendrick

-Ariya Daivari

-"Gentleman" Jack Gallagher

And now, the main event!

Tony Nese (w/ Mike Kanellis) vs. Lio Rush In a Captain's Challenge Match

Nese flexes his arm towards the Boston crowd. Nese pushes Rush into the corner. Rush moves out of the corner after locking Nese up in a side headlock. Nese sends Rush into the ropes. Rush with a step-up enziguri, sends Nese to the outside, temporarily. Nese lands a spinning knee kick on Rush, cover, Rush kicks out at 2. Rush is one step ahead with a twist on the outside. Nese hoists Rush up with a gut buster. Rush gets up and goes for a combination. Nese springboard moonsaults off the second rope, cover, Rush kicks out at 2. Both Rush and Nese are up on the top rope. Rush is trying to break the hold of Nese. Nese teeters down off the ropes. Rush connects with a crossbody. Rush with a DDT, cover, Nese kicks out at 2. Nese lands a vicious set of kicks to Rush, followed by a suplex. Nese covers, Rush kicks out. Nese locks Rush up in the Boston Crab submission. Rush reverses out of it with a kick to Nese's jaw. Kanellis climbs up on to the apron, Rush kicks him off. Nese rolls Rush up, Rush kicks out. Kanellis makes his way into the ring, after Rush lands the second rope cutter on Nese.


Winner By Disqualification: Lio Rush

Post-Match: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch make their way down to the ring to take out Nese and Kanellis. Their brawl makes it's way backstage. "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher sneaks into the ring and attacks Rush from behind. Gallagher sends Rush falling after a devastating headbutt.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!