It's interesting to note how Michael Cole announced the attendance for this week's WWE SmackDown event as the show hit the air on FOX.

Cole announced that tonight's SmackDown had a sold out crowd of 14,382 fans at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia. Cole mentioned the sell out several times during the broadcast.

It's been a while since WWE announced the attendance for a regular TV show live on the air.

For what it's worth, the WWE "In Your House 9: International Incident" event on July 21, 1996 drew a reported 14,804 fans to the building. The WWE "Rock Bottom: In Your House" pay-per-view on December 13, 1998 drew a reported 20,042 fans to the Rogers Arena. UFC 115 reportedly drew 17,669 fans to the building on June 12, 2010, and UFC 131 drew a reported 14,685 fans to the Rogers Arena on June 11, 2011.