WWE Confirms Tito Ortiz At The WWE Performance Center, News On How He Did In The Ring

WWE has confirmed that UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz was training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando last week.

WWE confirmed that Tito was training at the Performance Center, but did not give any further details, according to Marc Raimondi of ESPN. As noted before, via PWInsider, the 45 year old Ortiz was at the PC for something of an introductory meeting between the two sides, which was spread out over several days so Tito and WWE could feel each other out to see if they might be able to work together in the future. Ortiz reportedly did some pro wrestling training in the ring and familiarized himself with the WWE system while he was there.

ESPN noted that their sources say Ortiz "did well" in his pro wrestling training at the Performance Center last week.

There's no word yet on how serious Tito is about wrestling, or if WWE has any further interest. Tito recently posted a photo of the new "Living the American Dream" t-shirt from his Punishment Athletes company. As seen below, that t-shirt featured a logo in the style of the WWE Saturday's Night Main Event logo. Tito tagged WWE in that post.

A fan commented on how they liked the SNME-feel of the logo and Ortiz replied, "100%"

Tito's last MMA fight came in December for the Combate Americas promotion – a win over former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Ortiz reportedly signed a multi-fight deal with Combate Americas last year, but there's no word yet on his next fight. Ortiz, a lifelong pro wrestling fan who made a few appearances for Impact Wrestling in 2005 and 2013, spoke with Wrestling Inc. last December and expressed interest in pursuing a wrestling career.

"You don't understand, I'm a huge wrestling fan and not even just a wrestling fan, I've always wanted to be a professional wrestler," Ortiz said. "Just because I know I could smash guys; I don't think guys would last that long with me, honestly. As far as the acrobatics and everything, I can pull these things off, I can do these things. I know the moves, I've done the moves, I put myself through camps before with professional wrestlers."

Ortiz also made an interesting tweet on the last day of January where he said he was training for something he's wanted his whole life.

"Christmas, New Years and my birthday is over. Now time to put in hard work for #2020. I dreamt about it my whole life. Seize the moment and get it! #neverquit #lifecomesfullcircle #HBBadBoy4Life," he wrote, in what could be a reference to WWE.

A fan responded if Tito was getting ready for another fight and he responded, "The training has begun."

Stay tuned for updates on Ortiz and WWE. You can see the aforementioned Instagram posts below: