As seen above, WWE RAW Superstar R-Truth has released the new music video for his "Set It Off" single.

The video was released exclusively through music sites World Star Hip-Hop and HipHopDX. Truth's latest single was produced by J-Trx. Truth is available for bookings via [email protected] and J-Trax Management.

Truth, who has been rapping for years, spoke with HHDX and said he's re-introducing himself to the world of hip-hop.

"I'm setting off the new decade with my new single 'Set It Off,'" Truth said. "The word itself is powerful, it's leading, it's the start, it's like the releasing or the spark that sets that flame of fire like I'm reintroducing myself.

"If you don't know me or haven't heard of me throughout my career, guarantee someone you know has and DOES know me, and I'm bout to SET IT OFF. Your favorite wrestler is your favorite rapper!"

Truth's hip-hop career will be covered on his new WWE 24 special that premieres at 8pm ET on Thursday, February 27 following WWE Super ShowDown on the WWE Network.

As seen below, WWE released a new sneak peek at the WWE 24 documentary on Truth, looking at his love of music, his latest projects, including the "Set It Off" single. WWE also plugged Truth's social media pages for the hip-hop work he does. This is really the first time the company has put a lot of effort into plugging Truth's other career.