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No cold open. Straight into the intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today’s show takes place from Barbican England. Show opens with women’s division action.

Piper Niven versus Dani Luna

Tie Up. Niven locks in a cobra clutch. Clear size and strength advantage for Niven. Both women exchange shoulder blocks. Luna evades a lariat, then leapfrogs over Niven and hits a kick to the chest. She follows up with a big boot. Niven tries a powerslam but Luna lands on her feet. She applies a waistlock…this time Niven lands the powerslam. She builds up steam and connects with a running crossbody. Another cobra clutch locked in….Niven turns it into a short-armed lariat. Luna shakes it off and lands body shots but Niven fires back with a big headbutt. Irish-whip into the turnbuckles…Luna kicks Niven… Luna with clubbing blows to Niven. She targets the leg with a dropkick. Luna fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Luna goes for a sunset flip…Niven counters with The Michinoku Driver…that’ll do it.

Piper Niven wins by pinfall

A Gallus vignette is played. Joe Coffey is still angry with Ilja Dragunov for the events that transpired at Takeover Blackpool.

Video of Jordan Devlin winning the NXT cruiserweight champion at Worlds Collide is played. The Irish Ace gloats about becoming the brand champion.

Next up…Tyler Bate takes on A-Kid. This match was set up during an interview on last week’s NXT UK.

Tyler Bate versus A-Kid

Tie-up Waist lock takedown from Kid. He transitions into a side headlock. Bate escapes…both men reset. Test of strength…neither man budges…Bate grabs a headlock now. He brings Kid to the mat. Nice sequence of technical wrestling. Kid grabs Bate’s wrist and whips him across the ring. Bate answers by picking the leg for a takedown. O’Connor roll attempt but Bate holds onto the ropes. Kid lands the first big offensive move with a northern lights suplex for a nearfall. Hard Irish-whip from Kid. Kid goes for a high-risk maneuver but Bate catches him and hits an exploder suplex. Running shoot star press attempt…Kid is ready and surprises Bate with a triangle hold. Bate powers out and picks Kid up…Airplane spin. Kid manages to recover quick enough and dump Bate to the outside. Asai moonsault connects. He throws Bate back inside…rebound lariat from Bate. He sets up for the Tyler Driver….he hits it for the win.

Tyler Bate wins by pinfall

Post match Joseph Conners has a staredown with Bate possibly indicating both men’s next feud.

After a few commercial breaks we’re ready for our next bout, which will be tag team action. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter is out first, followed by their opponents, Pretty Deadly.

Pretty Deadly versus Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter

Howley and Smith start. Tie Up. Smith drops Howley with a shoulder tackle. Howley drops down from the canvas. Double leg takedown from Howley. Howley runs over Smith. He goes for a crossbody, but Smith counters with a suplex into a two count. Wristlock applied. Carter tags in. Sunset flip for a two count. Howley hits a kick to Stoker’s midsectio, then a forearm smash. Stoker tags back in. Carter sweeps out the legs and nails an uppercut. Carter punches Stoker in the back. Carter tags in Smith. He comes in with a straight right. Stoker stomps on the left foot of Smith, then follows up with a forearm smash. Howley back in. Carter nails Howley with The Hook Kick. Carter with a Uranage Slam for a two count. Carter dumps Stoker out of the ring. Carter tags in Smith. Pretty Deadly with a Diving Uppercut/Spear Combination for a two count. Howley tags in Stoker. Smith fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Smith shoves Howley into Stoker. Smith tags in Carter. Smith SuperKicks Howley. Smith ducks a clothesline from Stoker. Smith SuperKicks Stoker. Carter connects with The Spinning Heel Kick. Carter gets Stoker in the electric chair position. Carter plants Stoker with The Electric Chair Ushigoroshi to pickup the victory.

Ashton Smith/Oliver Carter win by pinfall

Afterwards Pretty Deadly attacks Carter and Smith. They hit a series of tandem offense, including a double-team codebreaker. Crowd boos heavily.

A quick interview with Ilja Dragunov. He’s training at the Performance Center. Dragunov states that he was trying to help Joe Coffey at Takeover Blackpool, but if Coffey says his “days are numbered” he’ll be ready.

NXT UK women’s champion Kay Lee Ray comes to the ring. She says that at Takeover she proved that she is the best champion in the divisions history. This brings out former champ Toni Storm. This leads to Ray challenging Storm to another match, this time with an I Quit stipulation. Ray says that if she wins Storm can never challenge for the title again as long as she’s champ. Storm accepts, and the match is made official.

Commentary announces that on next week’s show there will an NXT UK tag team title matchup between the current champs, Gallus, and Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. Match graphic is shown making it official.

Main event time. Eddie Dennis is out first, followed by the always popular Trent Seven. Referee’s have already removed the turnbuckle pads for this street fight. Here we go.

Trent Seven versus Eddie Dennis in a Steel Corners Street Fight

Seven attacks Dennis before the bell. Dennis whips Seven across the ring but Seven regains his balance and hits a Hip Toss. Bodyslam from Seven, followed by a running leg drop. Dennis rolls to ringside to recover. Seven with a suicide dive out of nowhere. Dennis is trying to catch his breath. Seven with clubbing blows to Dennis back. Seven unloads two knife edge chops. Dennis sends Seven crashing into the steel ring steps. Dennis drops Seven with a forearm smash. Seven lights up Dennis with chops. Snap DDT onto the steel steps. Fight moves into the crowd. Both men brawling. Dennis rolls Seven back into the ring. Dennis with the cover for a two count. Dennis repeatedly stomps on Seven’s chest. Dennis with a forearm smash. Dennis avoids the exposed turnbuckles. Seven with a Snap Dragon Suplex on the floor. Seven chops Dennis over the railing. Machine Gun Chops. Dennis propels Seven over the barricade. Dennis clears the announce table. Dennis drives Seven chest first into the side of the table. Seven negates The Seven Bridge. Seven with The Burning Hammer through two tables.

Seven brings Dennis back to the ringside area. Twisting senton from Seven…Dennis ducks. He traps Seven’s face into the bottom turnbuckle. Back and forth striking… Dennis pulls Seven by the hair. Dennis drives Seven face first into the exposed top turnbuckle. Seven negates The Neck Stomp Driver. Dennis ducks a clothesline from Seven. Dennis with a Big Boot. Seven responds with two quick back fists. Seven hits a lariat. Seven repeatedly whips Dennis back first into the exposed steel. Seven plants Dennis with The Burning Hammer to pickup the victory.

Trent Seven wins by pinfall

Seven celebrates as the crowd cheers him on. Commentary puts over how brutal the match was. Seven gets his revenge from his Takeover Blackpool loss.

That’s the show friends.