WWE NXT UK Results (2/13): Tag Team Main Event, Valkyrie Debuts, Mastiff And Holland Collide

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No cold open. Straight into the intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of NXT UK. Today's show takes place from Barbican England. Show opens with women's division action. Aoife Valkyrie makes her debut against Amale.

Aoife Valkyrie versus Amale

Tie up. Facelock from Valkyrie. Fans are loud for her first appearance. Amale goes for a back body drop but Valkyrie catches her in a pin attempt...only two. Headlock applied. Nice sequence of technical wrestling from both women. Amale hits a headscissor...Valkyrie pops back up and victory rolls Amale...another two. Knee to the gut from Amale. She slows Valkyrie's momentum with a waistlock...big elbow from Valkyrie, followed by a flying elbow that takes Amale down. Pace picks up...Valkyrie sweeps Amale's leg and connects with a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Valkyrie goes for an armlock...Amale creates separation by yanking at Valkyrie's hair. Referee and Amale argue over the hair pulling. Valkyrie takes advantage witha Pele kick and heel kick in succession. Valkyrie climbs to the top...flying axe kick. That'll do it.


Valkyrie wins by pinfall

Cut to backstage with Travis Banks. Banks says he failed to win the Cruiserweight title at Worlds Collide, but plans to keep fighting here in NXT UK. Alexander Wolfe interrupts. He says that Imperium was the talk of Worlds Collide after defeating the Undisputed era, and berates Banks for being a failure to the brand. Banks comes back at Wolfe and says he's just riding on the coattails of the NXT UK champion WALTER. Wolfe didn't like that and leaves.

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Next up...the Bomber Dave Mastiff takes on Saxton Huxley.

Dave Mastiff versus Saxton Huxley

Huxley attacks quickly to put the pressure on Mastiff. Mastiff slows him down with a big chop but Huxley nails a running knee. He drives his knees into the gut of Mastiff and bounces off the ropes...Mastiff barricades right through Huxley. Running senton connects, followed by a running powerslam. Huxley to the corner...Mastiff in position...running cannonball. This one is over quick.

Dave Mastiff wins by pinfall

Toni Storm is shown signing the contract for her I Quit title matchup with Kay Lee Ray. Commentary tells us that Ray already signed.

Grizzled Young Veterans promo. Gibson praises William Regal for being a better general manager than the UK's Johnny Saint and Sid Scala, then begins mocking them.


Quick interview with Joseph Conners. Commentary reminds us that they'll be squaring off on next week's episode against Tyler Bate.

Gallus music hits. The tag champs accompany Joe Coffey to the ring. He'll be facing off against Amir Jordan.

Joe Coffey versus Amir Jordan

Tie-up. Coffey tosses Jordan across the ring, then runs through him with a shoulder block. Jordan fires back with a dropkick but Coffey hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Coffey unloads a flurry of strikes onto Jordan. Wheelbarrow facebuser connects...Coffey transitions right into an armbar. Fans try to rally Jordan to break free...he does. Jordan builds up momentum...headscissor sends Coffey to the outside....suicide dive from Jordan connects. He quickly throws Coffey back inside...Jordan goes for a senton but Coffey gets his knees up. Glasgow send off followed by the big discus lariat and Coffey is the winner.

Joe Coffey wins by pinfall

Post match Coffey calls out Ilja Dragunov. He's still upset with the wild Russian for what transpired at Takeover Blackpool II. Coffey then guarantees that Wolfgang and his brother Mark will be victorious in today's main event, which is next after a commercial.

Gallus versus Danny Burch/Oney Lorcan


Coffey and Burch tie-up before Burch puts Coffey in a headlock. Wolfgang comes in and takes Burch down. Gallus double up on Burch to keep him away from Lorcan. Eventually the tables turn and Lorcan and Burch hit tandem offense on Coffey. Burch rocks Coffey with uppercuts in the corner...Coffey responds with a corkscrew uppercut, then makes the tag to Wolfgang. Wolfgang locks in a shoulder hold. Lorcan tags in and unloads uppercuts in one corner. Wolfgang knocks Burch off of the apron and Gallus isolate Lorcan as Wolfgang hits a flying leg lariat for two. Back and forth striking between Wolfgang and Lorcan...Wolfgang wins the exchange until Wolfgang but misses a moonsault. Burch back in...he knocks Wolfgang from the apron, then drops Coffey with back elbows. German suplex from Burch. All four men in the ring now. Lorcan with a running blockbuster. Gallus is able to dump Lorcan...they hit the enziguri/powerslam combo on Burch. Cover...it's over.

Gallus wins by pinfall

Gallus is standing tall when Ilja Dragunov runs out to even the odds. Although he has a flurry of offense, Gallus' numbers are too much. They beat down Dragunov.

That's the show friends.