Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match: R-Truth, Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Erick Rowan, WWE United States Champion Andrade

We go to the ring for the first-ever Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match as R-Truth comes out rapping. Bobby Lashley is out next with Lana, who is covered head to toe. She walks Lashley out but turns right around and goes to the back.

Lashley got the advantage early, and knocked Truth to the floor with a forearm. Lashley followed him outside and threw Truth into the barricade before getting him back in the ring. Lashley worked Truth over some more and got a two count. Truth managed to get the upper hand and hit Lashley with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Truth missed the AA but hit a kick. Lashley recovered and faceplanted Truth.

Lashley waits for a Spear but Truth ends up dodging it and rolling him for the pin out of nowhere. Lashley has been eliminated and he's furious.

Lashley attacks Truth after the bell and takes him to the floor to continue the beatdown. Lashley sends Truth into the steel ring steps and brings him back in for a big Spear. Out next comes WWE United States Champion Andrade, making his return from his WWE Wellness Policy suspension. The referee checks on Truth in the corner as Andrade takes his time getting to the ring.

Andrade hits the ring and stomps away. The referee backs him off but Truth is ready. Andrade drives a knee and goes to work on the shoulder and arm, which Truth is clutching. Andrade with an arm submission on the ropes now. Andrade keeps Truth grounded now. We see the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy on display at ringside.

Andrade hits the running double knees in the corner for a close 2 count. Fans try to rally for Truth. Truth resists the hammerlock DDT and backs Andrade into the corner. Truth ends up sending Andrade out to the floor. They bring it back in and Andrade focuses on the arm. Truth with a flying corkscrew right hand and a clothesline. Andrade rocks him with a kick. They collide and knock heads. Truth falls on top of Andrade and covers for the pin. Andrade has been eliminated.

Erick Rowan is out next with his mystery pet cage as Truth clutches his arm and the referee checks on him. Rowan enters and nails a big splash in the corner. Rowan slams Truth. Rowan drops an elbow in the middle of the ring. Rowan mounts Truth with big strikes. Truth somehow fights and sends Rowan out. Truth launches himself over the top to the floor to take Rowan back down. Rowan ends up using the steel ring steps a few times on Truth. The referee disqualifies Rowan and he has been eliminated.

Rowan snaps and brings Truth back in the ring for more punishment. Rowan grabs his pet cage and marches to the back as the referee checks on Truth again. Out next comes AJ Styles to a big pop. AJ gets fireworks for his entrance.

Truth swings wild and AJ laughs at him. Truth is hurt but AJ just mocks him and kicks him around. Fans chant AJ's name as he continues to taunt Truth. AJ dances around some more and keeps Truth down. AJ with another kick and an elbow. The referee checks on Truth again. AJ with more dancing while Truth tries to recover on the mat. AJ kicks Truth in the back of the knee. The AJ chants continue, despite the heel antics. AJ rolls Truth into the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring. Truth taps out and he's been eliminated.

Out next comes the final competitor, Rey Mysterio. The music plays but Rey is nowhere to be seen. AJ is all smiles. The music starts back up but Rey doesn't come out. The camera cuts backstage to Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson beating Rey down. AJ watches from the ring, smiling and laughing. Fans start chanting for The Undertaker. AJ takes the mic and says it doesn't look like Little Rey will be getting up from that, so he wins by forfeit. AJ orders the referee to declare him the winner. He goes to ringside and orders Mike Rome to ring the bell and get his trophy. Rome says he was just informed that if AJ's opponent doesn't make it to the ring by the count of 10, AJ will be the winner. AJ and the crowd start counting with the referee. The camera cuts backstage again and we see Gallows down on the ground. We see someone toss Anderson down beside him. Black boots step into the screen and fans pop as it appears to be The Undertaker. The mystery man keeps walking as AJ argues with the referee. The familiar bells start to toll in the arena as the lights go out. Here comes The Undertaker to a huge pop.

AJ watches from the ring as The Undertaker makes his grand entrance. AJ throws a fit about this not being right. Taker enters the ring and stares him down. AJ puts his finger at Taker's chest several times. He turns back around to a big chokeslam from Taker in the middle of the ring. Taker immediately crosses AJ's arms and covers for the pin to win the first-ever Tuwaiq Mountain Gauntlet Match.

Winner: The Undertaker

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